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Pet of the Day [ Profile ] - Features a new pet story and photo each day. Pet owners may also nominate their pet for consideration.

PetStation [ Profile ] - Offers photographs, information, articles, and opinions about dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, amphibians, small mammals and aquarium fishes. Includes a special section for kids 13 and under.

FEMA for Kids -- Pets and Disaster [ Profile ] - Teaches young owners how to care for their pets when a disaster such as a tornado, flood, or hurricane forces evacuation.

AVMA Care for Pets [ Profile ] - Articles that tell how to select a pet, how to care for various types of pets, and how to cope with the death of a pet. Includes a section just for kids.

Provet for Kids [ Profile ] - Answers questions about pets, features animal jokes, and provides a library of pet photographs.

Hartz.com [ Profile ] - Provides information about caring for birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, and various small pets. Includes message boards, games, and award-winning pet photographs.

BBC Online: Pets [ Profile ] - BBC nature site provides fact files, tips on how to prevent losing the family pet and who to contact if you do, a guide to understanding animal antics, and information for those who are considering an exotic pet.

NetPets: The Kids' Room [ Profile ] - Offers fun facts about animals, a different big animal word each month, a kids' art gallery, an introduction to different types of pets, stories, poems, and informative articles.

Pets in the White House [ Profile ] - Introduces pets that have joined their masters in America's highest office in recent years.

What's the Right Pet for You? [ Profile ] - Feature from Washington Post's KidsPost provides information about what different pets are like, they sort of care they require, and how much they cost.

Pets With Diabetes [ Profile ] - Offers education, resources, and support for owners of diabetic pets.

Pet Tales [ Profile ] - Author provides funny stories about animals from a wide variety of species.

More than Pets [ Profile ] - A personal site advocating the adoption of homeless, abused or abandoned pets. Encourages responsible pet ownership by giving information and sharing their life example.

Nature Of Animals [ Profile ] - Informative articles on all aspects of the animal and natural world.

Pets 911 [ Profile ] - Offers hotline for lost and found pets, adoption, veterinarians, and animal shelters.

Animal Lovers Page [ Profile ] - Information about a variety of pets including mice, frogs and tropical fish.

Heidi's Animals [ Profile ] - A variety of animal photos taken by the author, as well as information on birds and fish.

Pet Library Online [ Profile ] - Detailed guide to selecting and caring for cats and dogs. From the Champaign County Humane Society.

Animal Hospitals USA: Pet Health Information [ Profile ] - How to take care of various types of pets. Includes dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and reptiles.

Freaky Pets [ Profile ] - Giant and tiny dogs, snake, toad and exotic stick insects from around the world.

Daneydachshunds [ Profile ] - Featuring the variety of pets owned by Daisy Capell from Rugby, England. Includes pages on Great Dane, short and long haired Dachshunds, snake, toad and stick insects.

Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection [ Profile ] - Describes the different species and how to look after them properly.

All About Animals [ Profile ] - Learn about reptiles, cats, and dogs; as well as how to provide a safe home for a pet and a pet puzzle.

Animal Hospital [ Profile ] - Describes the problem of pets being put to sleep because of behavior problems, with information about behavior control, insights from pet behaviorists for several types of animals, and an animal quiz.

All About Pets [ Profile ] - A website with information about cats, dogs, horses and small pets. [Information available in PDF form]

Pet Website [ Profile ] - Information about a number of pets. Includes species, breeds and varieties, buying, selecting pets and care.

Petalia: Kidz Korner [ Profile ] - Includes pet stories, answers to common questions, care tips, and a Pac-Man-style game.

Duck Talk [ Profile ] - A free, online information source, that discusses hatching, brooding, and general care for ducks.

PetNet [ Profile ] - Includes media releases, select a pet, publications and statistics.

Appleby Farm [ Profile ] - Includes information about dogs, horses, ponies and birds. Also includes a message board and pictures to colour.

African Giant Black Millipedes [ Profile ] - Some photos and facts about a couple of pet millipedes. Includes some basic information about keeping millipedes as pets.

African Giant Black Millipede Care Sheet [ Profile ] - Information about the care of the millipede and a caution about the possibility of an allergic reaction.

The Adventures of Arty the Snail [ Profile ] - Stories and pictures from a snail and his friends.
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