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Preventing Teen Suicide [ Profile ] - Some things you should know about preventing teen suicide, provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Teen Line Online [ Profile ] - This is a place to seek professional help for those who are contemplating suicide, know someone who is, or is a survivor of a suicide victim.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program [ Profile ] - Depression and loneliness cause thousands of youth who appear to be happy to scream silently in the deepest emotional pain. The YRSPP aims to help.

Focus Adolescent Services [ Profile ] - Resources and information on teen suicide, depression, personality disorders and other issues affecting teens and their families.

Suicide and Teens [ Profile ] - Help is available for teens who experience depression and thoughts of suicide. Preventing suicide and surviving it.

With One Voice [ Profile ] - A powerful and moving musical drama and crisis program aimed at student, professional, family and community audiences with the goal of diminishing suicide statistics.

Adolescent Suicide in the School Setting [ Profile ] - How school staff and students can detect and intervene to prevent suicide.

Teen Suicide Help [ Profile ] - Help for suicidal teens, including links to other help sites.

Extreme River: radical perspectives [ Profile ] - Radical help for those suffering from depression or considering suicide

The Jason Foundation, Inc. [ Profile ] - Provides information about youth suicide and provides free educational material for teachers / youth workers. JFI now has programs in 36 states and three foreign countries.

Kids in Trouble Help Page [ Profile ] - Site dedicated to helping kids and teens that are being abused, or runaways, or those thinking about running away or suicide. Site also includes emergency phone numbers, and helpful links.

Youth Suicide Prevention Programs [ Profile ] - A resource guide on the prevention of suicide.

I'll Stand by You [ Profile ] - This is a site for teens and young adults who are suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts and self injury. Get advice or come support others.

Please Help Prevent Teen Suicide [ Profile ] - Early warning signs, coping, getting help, what to do, what NOT to do, etc.

Phsyco's Realm v1.0 [ Profile ] - Contains personal and helpful information about suicide, depression, bipolar disorder, and mental illness.

Youth Suicide Prevention Information [ Profile ] - San Pedro, California site with information furnished by Los Angeles Unified School District Student Health and Human Services Division.

Nemours Foundation [ Profile ] - Explains depression and other risk factors that can create temporary or long-term feelings that death is the answer.

If You Are Thinking about Suicide...Read This First [ Profile ] - Five things to think about and help for getting resources greater than the pain.

The Other Side of the Trigger [ Profile ] - Dealing with the thoughts and pain that lead to suicide, by one who's been there.

The Preventative [ Profile ] - Offers suicide prevention information and articles.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program [ Profile ] - Dedicated to reducing youth suicide and suicidal behaviors in Washington State. Promotes youth voice, youth-generated media messages, peer advocacy.

Teen Suicide [ Profile ] - An epidemic of the 90's. Warning sign, advice and other information.

Suicide Loss FAQs [ Profile ] - Some frequently asked questions for suicide grievers.

Helping Someone Who is Suicidal [ Profile ] - Learn the warning signs, myths and facts, how to help, what to not do and signs of distress. Includes link to New Zealand crisis intervention contacts and pamphlet about suicidal thoughts. [Pamphlet requires Adobe reader.]

My Friend Is Talking About Suicide. What Should I Do? [ Profile ] - Learn some of the warning signs that a person is considering suicide and what to do to help.

Let's Talk Facts About Teen Suicide [ Profile ] - Information from the American Psychiatric Association explains signs and symptoms of teenage depression. Includes suicide risks, statistics, and what can be done.

Suicidal Thoughts [ Profile ] - Advice and information from a young person for teens suffering with depression and thoughts of suicide. [Some graphic images.]
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Teen Suicide Help - Help for suicidal teens, including links to other help sites.