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In Memory of Brenda Reifel [ Profile ] - Remembers a 16-year-old killed in a car accident.

National Children's Memorial Day [ Profile ] - Designed to share the need for a national day of remembrance for all children who have died.

Revolution of a Rocker [ Profile ] - Memorial to Chris Wilson, frontman for Monstertruck 5.

Brandy Talbot's Memorial Page [ Profile ] - Remembers the 15-year-old who was killed by a drunk driver in Oakland Maryland, on July 29,2000.

Alicia O'Brien-Disandro [ Profile ] - Memorial site dedicated to Alicia O'Brien-Disandro, one of the many teenagers who did not survive her battle with cancer.

Anthony Ranalli [ Profile ] - Dedicated in loving memory of Anthony Ranalli who passed away June 9, 2002 as the result of an accident. Photographs, guest book, and stories provided.

Light a Candle [ Profile ] - A tragic bus accident claimed the lives of 21 young people of Tempi in Greece. Features a dedication to each student.

Justin Boettcher [ Profile ] - In loving memory of Justin, 1982-2002. Includes pictures of the life he lived and the story of his tragic death at age 19.

Daniel Lee Brooks [ Profile ] - Dedicated in loving memory to Baby Daniel who was born January 31 and died July 31, 2002. Includes family photographs, tributes, and links.

Think of Melissa [ Profile ] - In memory of Melissa Ashley McLay, killed in a motorcycle accident. 1984 - 2002.

Shahaf Katz Ayalon [ Profile ] - Memorial dedicated to Shahaf Katz Ayalon who committed suicide. Picture gallery and comments by friends.

Kasey Egger's Tribute [ Profile ] - The story of a young girl who killed herself and how her sister and friends deal with it. Includes pictures, a journal, and FAQ.

Tribute To Emily Ann [ Profile ] - A tribute to Emily Ann, whose life ended due to a drunk driver. Includes links, pictures and memorials.

Remembering Michelle Woody [ Profile ] - Includes a biography, tributes and media.

In Loving Memory of Teal Fausett [ Profile ] - Provides information, photos and a video. Teal was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs.

Bradley Taylor Thornton [ Profile ] - About a 17-year-old killed by the reckless driving of another teen.

In Memory of Janet Rene Patrick [ Profile ] - A parents' memorial for their daughter who was killed in a automobile accident at 14 years of age. Includes slideshows.

Christopher Edward Drypen [ Profile ] - Celebrates the 16 years of Chris though stories and photographs.

Jeff Loizeaux [ Profile ] - Dedicated to the memory of a young artist. Includes some of his writings and drawings, remembrances and photos. 1984 - 2000

Bethann Patricia Zagurasky [ Profile ] - A parents tribute to their daughter. Photos, stories and poems.

Shannon Zimmerman [ Profile ] - In memory of a St Theresa's high school student. 1985 - 2001

Briannon Joelle Curless [ Profile ] - A memorial to this 17 year old with photographs and testimonials.

Shereegatt [ Profile ] - In memory of 15 year old Sheree Amanda Gatt who died in an accident on 25th of April, 2004. Includes messages from friends.

Sharkys Page [ Profile ] - A mothers tribute to her son, David "Sharky". A celebration of his life and a project of love. (1990 - 2002)

In Loving Memory Of Michael Kumer [ Profile ] - Photographs and stories dedicated to this victim of a hit and run accident.

Scotty Rhodes [ Profile ] - A tribute to this 19 year old, including letters and photographs.

Ian Kenneth Cate Jr [ Profile ] - In memory of the life of 17 year old Ian who was killed in a road accident.

After Glow: In Memory of Justin Lewis [ Profile ] - A family's memorial to their son who died in an automobile accident. Includes a guestbook, photographs and stories.

Gavriel Hoter [ Profile ] - A memorial to Gavriel Hoter who was murdered on 27th of December 2002 at the age of 17. Features stories told by friends, original art work, and photographs of his life.

Tricia Jean Kmiotek [ Profile ] - Dedicated to Tricia Kmiotek, a 17-year-old Long Island girl who was killed when she lost control of the car she was driving .
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Light a Candle - A tragic bus accident claimed the lives of 21 young people of Tempi in Greece. Features a dedication to each student.