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Skateboard Science [ Profile ] - Learn the underlying physics of ollies, nollies and kickflips and the manufacturing process involved in making a modern skateboard.

Planet Skateboard [ Profile ] - Includes the science, history, and weather for skateboarding, as well as a dictionary of basic tricks and a quiz based on information in the site.

Board World [ Profile ] - Provides history of skateboards, and information on equipment, skateboarding stars, and tech decks. Also include sinformation on different ramps.

Skateboard Tips [ Profile ] - Tips and tricks for the beginner skateboarder.

Alf's Tech Deck Fingerboarding [ Profile ] - Includes jokes, tricks, competition rules, and suggestions for building a skateboarding park.

Skateboarding Dictionary [ Profile ] - Learn common vocabulary of skateboarding.

Kids on Wheels [ Profile ] - Offers safety tips, jokes, and an e-mail newsletter.

Shaun's Skateboarding Site [ Profile ] - Provides tips for basic and advanced tricks.

Skateboarding 101 [ Profile ] - Learn the basics of skateboarding. Includes trick tips, maintenance tips, and glossary of terms.

On Your Skates [ Profile ] - Skateboarding and local park information in the Morecambe and Lancaster area of the UK.

Skateboard World [ Profile ] - Offers large collection of photos and logos.

Wellness and Safety: Skating & Scooter Safety [ Profile ] - What kids need to know to stay safe skateboarding, skating or riding a scooter.

Skateboarding For Beginners [ Profile ] - Includes a FAQ page to help new skateboarders with some questions and problems that may be troubling them.
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Shaun's Skateboarding Site - Provides tips for basic and advanced tricks.