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Ninja Kids [ Profile ] - Step back in time and explore the history of the Ninja. Learn about their creed, techniques, weapons, and vocabulary.

Kids askSensei.com [ Profile ] - Uses a question and answer format to introduce kids to martial arts.

Martial Arts Benefits and Cautions [ Profile ] - So exercise is good for you, but how exactly does martial arts make you a healthier person? Have you ever pondered how can you keep from getting hurt while kicking, punching, and falling? Find out here.

Black Belt for Kids [ Profile ] - Learn about martial arts throughout history. Get advice from the masters. Study the philosophy behind the sport, get tips on self-defense, and play related online games.

Lifeforce Kids Zone [ Profile ] - Learn how to tie your belt, understand the belt rankings, know what equipment you need and understand about all the shouting.

WTSDA Kidszone [ Profile ] - Puzzles and games to help you better understand the Korean language and culture, neat ideas to sharpen your mental skills.

Martial Arts [ Profile ] - Style definitions for different types of martial arts together with belt information and humour.
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Kids askSensei.com - Uses a question and answer format to introduce kids to martial arts.