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Sennheiser: Glossary [ Profile ] - An alphabetical list of terms and definitions used in studio recording from the field of acoustics.

UCSC Electronic Music Studios [ Profile ] - Provides tutorials on studio equipment and technologies.

A Beginners Guide to Mixing in GarageBand [ Profile ] - Covers the basics of how to mix tracks to create a professional sounding combination.

Recording and Mixing Drums [ Profile ] - Article explaining microphone selection, placement and equalization. Includes diagrams and notes on using reverb.

Digital Audio Technology [ Profile ] - Explains the basic aspects of recording, processing and reproducing audio in the digital domain.

Microphone Techniques for Studio Recording [ Profile ] - A guide to techniques and placement, including how to reject unwanted sounds and create special effects.

Microphones and Multitracks [ Profile ] - Basic steps to recording using a microphone and multitrack with a description of different microphone patterns and their applications.

Building a Home Studio on a Budget: How to Get Started [ Profile ] - Tips on how to produce quality recordings at home. Includes advice on room acoustics and basic equipment.

Getting it Down: Recording Applications and Techniques [ Profile ] - General tips on classic setups for recording guitars and drums with advice on using a stereo effects unit.

The Recording Website: Articles [ Profile ] - A collection of essays offering basic and intermediate advice. Includes projects and information on using a MIDI system.
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UCSC Electronic Music Studios - Provides tutorials on studio equipment and technologies.