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Afghanpedia [ Profile ] - Provides detailed information about the land, its history, the people who inhabit it, and their way of life.

Afghanistan: A Historical Timeline [ Profile ] - Provides a concise account of the nation's past, from the time it was conquered by Darius I of Babylonia to the current day.

Afghanistan: Veiled in Fear [ Profile ] - PBS special describes what it is like to live in modern-day Afghanistan.

WashingtonPost.com: The Road of Last Resort [ Profile ] - An article by David Finkel about the plight of refugees who have abandoned their homes after 22 years of war and a drought. Photographs and slide show.

Afghanistan Online [ Profile ] - Offers information on the country's history, culture, geography, and politics. Also includes news, recipes, and biographies.

Afghan Network Interactive [ Profile ] - An excellent source of information about Afghanistan such as geography, flags, and maps.

Time for Kids: No Music, No TV [ Profile ] - Explores the changes the Taliban brought to this country when they first took control.

Time for Kids: Tearing Down History in Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Describes the Taliban's efforts to destroy all religious statues in the country.

Time for Kids: Why Afghanistan? [ Profile ] - Explores how this poor, drought-ridden country became the main target behind U.S. military strikes in retaliation for the Sept. 11 attacks.

Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Learn about this country's role in the rivalry between the two superpowers.

Afghanistan - Surviving in the Mountains [ Profile ] - Find captivating images of the people and places of this country and learn a little about life in the mountains.

Afghanistan for Kids [ Profile ] - See what Afghan people eat and wear, learn about their crafts, and read a story from the Middle East.

BBC News: Who are the Taleban? [ Profile ] - Tells who these people are, how they come into power, and what they have done since assuming control of the land.

Ethnic Groups of Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Get details on the Hazara, Pashtun, Uzbeks, and Turkmens of the country.

Pashtun [ Profile ] - Learn about this cultural group found in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Understanding Afghanistan: Land in Crisis [ Profile ] - News, maps, photos, and other information on the country from National Geographic.

Cool Planet: Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Includes sections on geography, history, people and culture and Oxfam's involvement there.

CIA World Factbook: Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

MSN Encarta: Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Introduces the land and its people. Includes information on the country's past, its current government, and the culture that prevails today.

Afghanistan - A Country Study [ Profile ] - Overview of life, history, and culture by the US Library of Congress.

About Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Brief description of the country and its food.

Lonely Planet World Guide: Destination Afghanistan [ Profile ] - Tells how two decades of war have virtually destroyed what was once a backpacker's paradise. Includes information on the country's history and culture.
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Afghanpedia - Provides detailed information about the land, its history, the people who inhabit it, and their way of life.