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Gilgamesh Study Guide [ Profile ] - Tells about an ancient King of Uruk who is thought to have actually existed. Considered the oldest historical story in the world.

Mesopotamia in the Electronic Passport [ Profile ] - Provides information about the Fertile Crescent. Includes, a brief look at its geography, culture, and history.

Write like a Babylonian [ Profile ] - Tells about the first written language, called cuneiform, which was invented by ancient Babylonians. Displays visitors' names in cuneiform.

Ancient Near East Art [ Profile ] - Includes examples of art from ancient Mesopotamia, Babylon, Sumer, and the Indus Valley. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Mesopotamia 9000 - 500 B.C [ Profile ] - Provides a timeline of the region.

Ancient Persia: Cyrus the Great [ Profile ] - Introduces the Persian king believed to be the first to become involved in human rights.

Mesopotamia [ Profile ] - Interactive quiz tests knowledge of this region. Includes related links.

Mesopotamia [ Profile ] - Discover tales of astronomers, merchants, archaeologists, epic heroes and ruthless kings. Explore a palace, the library of an astronomer and the Royal Tombs of Ur; then, build your own ziggurat. From the British Museum.

Mesopotamia [ Profile ] - Features its civilizations, cultures and brief timeline.

Odyssey Online: Near East [ Profile ] - Tells about ancient life in the cradle of civilization.

The Jerusalem Mosaic [ Profile ] - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers a readable history of the city by period, with a map for each and photographs and information on surviving historic buildings. English and Hebrew versions available.

The UnMuseum: Tower of Babel [ Profile ] - Report on what archaeological and historical research reveal about this tower.

Ancient Mesopotamia [ Profile ] - Defines vocabulary related to the study and provides short descriptions of key people and events. Also includes project ideas and printable quizzes.

Ancient Mesopotamia [ Profile ] - Provides information about geography, religion, daily life, and clothing. Includes classroom activities and homework help.

Home of the Hittites [ Profile ] - Detailed study guide explains who these people were and tells what deities they worshipped.

History of Assyrians [ Profile ] - Details about the Assyrian empire (2400 B.C. to 612 B.C.), which was located mainly between Tigris and Euphrates rivers and was just northwest of ancient Babylonia. Page includes alphabet sample, maps, and demographic information.
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Ancient Near East Art - Includes examples of art from ancient Mesopotamia, Babylon, Sumer, and the Indus Valley. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.