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Hurricane Hunters [ Profile ] - The 53rd WRS flies into the eye of hurricanes. Join them on a cyberflight, see actual photos and data.

National Geographic Kids: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Fly into the eye of deadly hurricanes. Features information, facts and videos. Also includes hurricane safety tips.

Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Lists information, names, quizzes, and activities about hurricanes.

AccuWeather School: Hurricane Center [ Profile ] - Hurricane facts including the parts of a hurricane, how they develop, and maps for tracking them.

Hurricane Central [ Profile ] - Updated 24 hours a day with the latest hurricane coordinates and data. Includes an interactive tracking map, satellite images, analysis and news.

Canadian Hurricane Centre [ Profile ] - Information, games, and emergency tips about hurricanes.

A Hurricane Hunter's Photo Album [ Profile ] - Photos taken from an airplane flying into a hurricane.

WeatherQuestions.com: What Causes Hurricanes? [ Profile ] - A description of the roles of water vapor, sea surface temperature, rainfall, and wind shear in the formation of hurricanes.

Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Learn what hurricanes are, where they form, how they are studied and why they are so destructive. Includes activities and background information.

Severe Weather: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Contains background information, training activities, and hurricane watch.

How Do Hurricanes Work [ Profile ] - Learn what happens inside a hurricane, and what the radar image looks like.

NASA Science Files: Hurricane Basics [ Profile ] - Information on hurricane structure, formation and movement.

NOAA Research: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Contains several activities to show hurricane wind speed and storm surge.

American Red Cross: Hurricane [ Profile ] - Helps to prepare an evacuation plan, assemble a disaster supplies kit, and prepare for high winds.

Welcome Mayor ... Have a Hurricane [ Profile ] - Describes different viewpoints a leader has to consider when deciding to evacuate for a hurricane.

How Hurricanes Work [ Profile ] - Describes how a hurricane is formed, explains the different parts of it, and has a list of hurricane names.

The Great Hurricane [ Profile ] - Webquest about what would happen if a major hurricane hit New York City.

Image Catalog [ Profile ] - Contains pictures of past hurricanes.

National Geographic Kids: Hurricane Experiment [ Profile ] - Describes how to make a small hurricane with only water and food coloring.

Tropical Storms, Worldwide [ Profile ] - Contains a list of current storms with strike probabilities, and tropical advisories.

Hurricane Preparedness Week [ Profile ] - Contains a history of previous hurricanes, dangers during a hurricane, and how to prepare.

NOVA Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Contains a hurricane quiz and information on the power of hurricanes.

Kids Crossing: Look out for Dangerous Weather [ Profile ] - Offers a hurricane survival story, and safety tips.

Miami Museum of Science-Hurricane [ Profile ] - Contains lessons and explanations.

Test Your Hurricane IQ [ Profile ] - Fifteen question quiz to see how much you know about hurricanes.

Weather Wiz Kids: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Contains what a hurricane needs to form, stages of a hurricane, and safety tips.

Hurricane Alley [ Profile ] - Contains information about tropical cyclones worldwide. Maps and graphics are available on active and past hurricanes.

Hurricanes Ahead [ Profile ] - Owlie helps kids understand what hurricanes are, and what they should do if they are coming toward you.

Tropical Twisters [ Profile ] - Contains pictures and movies about how hurricanes are created, why they move, and how dangerous they are.

Horrific Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Information about the 2004 hurricane season, how these storms form, and how experts track and predict where they will go.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale [ Profile ] - Descriptions of different strength hurricanes with links to specific storms.

Hurricane Simulation [ Profile ] - Watch a computer-generated simulation of a hurricane.

Hurricane Basics [ Profile ] - Contains how hurricanes are observed, their life cycle, and their internal structure.

Hurricane Strike [ Profile ] - Flash and text allow you to participate in the process of preparing for a hurricane, and what to do if you're caught in the storms path.

Hurricane Survival for Kids [ Profile ] - Describes how hurricanes happen, and what to do when a hurricane is coming towards your house.

Previously Asked Questions: Tropical Weather [ Profile ] - Contains questions with their answers on tropical storms.

Web Weather for Kids: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Pictures and descriptions of how hurricanes form, and how they impact our lives.

Dax: The Hurricane Safety Turtle [ Profile ] - Helps kids understand tropical storms with games and puzzles.

Kidstorm: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Introduction to hurricanes, and what to do if one is approaching you.

Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory [ Profile ] - Contains a list of the most frequently asked questions about hurricanes.

Bureau of Meteorology, Australia - Surviving Cyclones [ Profile ] - Provides information and graphics about the formation, severity, and dangers of cyclones. Includes preparedness and safety procedures, and emergency services contact information.

FEMA: Hurricanes [ Profile ] - Describes what to do before, during, and after a hurricane.

Hurricane Preparedness For Kids [ Profile ] - Contains downloadable PDF posters on hurricane force winds, storm surge and rip currents.

Hurricane Preparedness for Kids [ Profile ] - Describes what a hurricane is, and what you can do to prepare.
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