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Dust Storms [ Profile ] - Discusses the conditions required for a dust storm, including an appropriate source of dust, sufficient wind and turbulence, and an unstable atmosphere.

Dust Storms and their Damage [ Profile ] - Contains many pictures with captions.

China's Dust Storms Raise Fears of Impending Catastrophe [ Profile ] - News article that says that scientists are worried that a dust cloud that came from China could have been caused by erosion of farmland.

The Dust Bowl [ Profile ] - Pictures and captions of this event in United States history.

Wikipedia: Dust Storm [ Profile ] - History of dust storms, plus a few pictures.

Dust Storms [ Profile ] - Details how these storms are bad for your health.

Dust Storms in Arizona [ Profile ] - How to be safe in a dust storm, what causes these storms, and pictures.

Dust Storms [ Profile ] - Many satellite pictures of sand and dust storms.

Dust Storm on the Loose [ Profile ] - Explains what causes dust storms, and the effect they have on humans.

Outline [ Profile ] - Causes and effects of sandstorms, plus a photo gallery.

Pinal County Air Quality: Dust Storms and Monsoon Season [ Profile ] - Explains how a dust storm makes the air quality worse than before.
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Coastal and Marine Geology Program - Hypothesis about the impact of the African Dust on coral mortality.