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Weather Eye [ Profile ] - Lessons and projects designed to help students in grades 2-12 learn about weather.

Dan's Wild Weather Page [ Profile ] - Newschannel 19's very own weather guru Dan Satterfield keeps us up to date with the latest weather news and explains all the scientific stuff as well.

Weatherwise [ Profile ] - The BBC Online Weather Centre. Latest forecasts from around the world and a host of experiments and activities to try.

Online Meteorology Guide [ Profile ] - A fun and comprehensive guide with modules on clouds and precipitation, forces and wind, air masses and fronts, weather forcasting, storms, and hurricanes.

Weather One [ Profile ] - Discusses several topics of weather including clouds, seasons, air pressure, winds, global warming, and violent weather. Also contains activities to give students a hands-on experience with weather.

Kid's PlayStation [ Profile ] - All kinds of weather information, science project ideas, online activities, and printable pages. From the National Weather Service.

Weather Wiz Kids [ Profile ] - Includes facts, folklore, games, jokes, experiments, and activities, written by a meteorologist.

Skywatchers Kids' Stuff [ Profile ] - Games and activities, a virtual weather office, information about careers in weather, and a glossary. By Environment Canada.

Be a Weather Watcher [ Profile ] - Pretend to be a meteorologist while learning about weather and climates.

St. Joseph's School Weather Wise [ Profile ] - From South Australia. Includes local data from the school weather station, weather records, and links.

WeatherQuestions.com [ Profile ] - Concise and interesting answers to the most-often asked questions about the weather, arranged in alphabetical order.

Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment [ Profile ] - Includes a weather section with detailed accounts on everything from anticyclones to wind. Printable and very easy to understand.

PlanetDiary [ Profile ] - Highlights natural phenomena and current events from around the world.

Classroom Activities [ Profile ] - Introduction to basic meteorological concepts such as pressure, fronts, and surface maps.

Weather Folklore [ Profile ] - Provides many weather folklore sayings.

UV Menace [ Profile ] - Learn about how UV rays can cause cancer, the effect on the atmosphere, and how they hurt the ozone layer.

Careers in Meteorology [ Profile ] - Explains what a meteorologist does, why they do it, and the tools that help them do a better job.

Buckeye Wx [ Profile ] - Weather data and weather related resources at Ohio State University.

Storm Spotter Glossary [ Profile ] - Contains many words used in describing the weather.

Live From the Storm [ Profile ] - An interactive, animated weather resource for middle-school educators and students. Part of the Passport to Knowledge series.

About Temperature [ Profile ] - Information on different kinds of thermometers, with a discussion of the physics behind temperature.

Meteorology - What is it? [ Profile ] - Worksheet about the ingredients that make up weather, atmospheric circulation, wind, and pressure systems.

Yahooligans: Weather [ Profile ] - Watch a movie and take a fun quiz to learn more about the weather.

JetStream: An Online Weather School [ Profile ] - Learn about synoptic meteorology, thunderstorms, and tropical weather.

Weather Words [ Profile ] - The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology offers definitions of some common forecasting terms, descriptions of phenomena and precipitation, as well as wind and sea terms.

Franklin's Forecast [ Profile ] - Exhibit about weather forecasting technologies with news topics about radar, storm tracking, satellites, and weather events.

Bureau of Meteorology [ Profile ] - Worksheet provides an activity to learn about atmospheric pressure.

Bushfire Weather [ Profile ] - Learn how fires, of both natural and human origin, have affected the environment of Australia. Includes weather patterns and maps.

USA Today: Atmospheric Science Resources [ Profile ] - Offers information on wind, air pressure, storms, fronts, hurricanes, floods, and weather prediction.

Weather [ Profile ] - Learn how to report and predict the weather with these interactive activities and games. Requires Flash.

BBC: What is Weather? [ Profile ] - Find out how our climate influences what kind of house we live in, what kind of sports we do, and what kind of clothes we wear. Compare different climates with each other.
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