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My Dinomite Site [ Profile ] - Includes quiz, pictures, printable word search, logic problem, and links.

Fossil Freak [ Profile ] - Dr. Earle's dinosaur activities.

Zoom Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Includes information on evolution, extinction, and fossils, as well as dinosaur games and jokes.

Alastair's Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Dinosaur activities, games, museum reviews, and theories. In English and German.

Dinotots [ Profile ] - Many colorful pictures of dinosaurs with information on dinosaurs too.

Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Links to educational resources.

Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Pictures, images, and links.

Dinofun [ Profile ] - Education, media, and other resources about dinosaur activity for kids.

The Dinosaur Museum [ Profile ] - The history of the world of dinosaurs is presented with skeletons, fossilized skin, eggs, footprints, and realistic sculptures.

Dinosaur Questions and Answers [ Profile ] - Explores the origins of dinosaurs, their extinction, and fossils found today. Written from a Biblical Creationist viewpoint.

Amrit's Website of Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Contains descriptions of lesser-known dinosaurs as compiled by a 5-year-old.

Australian Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Colourful illustrations and info about Australian dinosaurs of the Cretaceous era. Watch the Muttaburrasaurus hatch or the Kronosaurus swim in the ancient sea.

The Dino Database [ Profile ] - Learn about the dinosaurs by listening to each of them talk about themselves. Includes classification, records, where to see dinosaurs, theories, controversies, dictionary, and glossary.

Dinosaur Central [ Profile ] - A quick guide to dinosaurs, including the Dinosaur Hall of Fame, dinosaur quiz, dino grudge match, and T. rex on the silver screen.

The Dinosaur Art Gallery of Joe Tucciarone [ Profile ] - Paintings of many of the best-known prehistoric beasts. Information about each animal includes its size, weight, diet, when it lived, and the year it was discovered.

Dinobase [ Profile ] - Dinosaur information from the University of Bristol. List species, and tells what dinosaurs were like and why they died out.

Dinosaur Dig [ Profile ] - Dinosaur data and fossil facts from the San Diego Natural History Museum.

NOVA Online/Curse of T. rex [ Profile ] - Essay on the dinosaurs' companions and a Hot Science exercise about finding dinosaurs.

Discovering Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Encyclopaedia Britannica explores how our conception of dinosaurs has evolved in the 150 years since dinosaurs were first discovered.

Finding the World's First Dinosaur Skeleton [ Profile ] - Recounts the story of William Parker Foulke discovering the first nearly-complete skeleton of a dinosaur, the "Bone Wars" that followed, and the history of the site in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Dinosauria On-Line [ Profile ] - A tool for researching dinosaurs. Contains the Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology, a collection of essays and e-mail discussions whose topics range from what Archaeopteryx used its wings for, to evolution.

The Dinosauria [ Profile ] - Extensive information about the dinosaurs from the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

DinoBuzz [ Profile ] - Facts, theories, and misconceptions about dinosaurs, including a look at extinction, movies, and relationships with other animals.

Land O' Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Games, puzzles, and desktop patterns. Gives a short background about dinosaurs.

Dino Directory [ Profile ] - A database of dinosaurs including images and a timeline, as well as indexing by body type and country of origin.

Myths and Monsters: Facts about Dinosaurs in the Ancient World [ Profile ] - Contends that dinosaurs did not become extinct millions of years ago, but roamed the earth as recently as 1,500 years ago.

The Age of Reptiles Mural [ Profile ] - Description and photographs of reptiles and dinosaurs from different eras. Exhibit at the Yale Peabody Museum.

Dinosaurs in Hawaii [ Profile ] - Pictures and sounds of Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Stegosaurus.

Walking With Dinosaurs [ Profile ] - Articles and activities from the BBC series.

Noah's Science Stuff [ Profile ] - A blog detailing the scientific interests and investigations of seven-year-old Noah, mostly about dinosaurs.

What Dinosaur Are You? [ Profile ] - Learn about these extinct creatures with fun activities and reading details about each species.

Dino Don's Dino World [ Profile ] - Offers video clips, facts and trivia, coloring pages, and a dictionary.

Dinosaurs and Bones [ Profile ] - See dinosaur images, clipart, and stories.

Dinopedia [ Profile ] - Contains dinocards on a wide variety of different dinosaurs. Each card contains how to pronounce the name, how big it was, and a drawing showing what scientists think they looked like.

The UnMuseum: Whatever Happened to the Brontosaurus? [ Profile ] - Explains that the brontosaurus is actually an apatosaurus with the head of a camarasaurus. It recounts how this happened.

Wyoming Tales and Trails: The Bone Wars [ Profile ] - Tells of the fossil collecting competition between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope. It includes photos taken from 1904 - 1934 and includes reproductions of engravings from 1871.
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National Museum of Natural History: Stegosaurus - Contains pictures of real bones of this dinosaur.