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NOVA Online - Super Bridge [ Profile ] - Information about the four major types of bridges. Test your knowledge by matching each bridge to the correct location.

Howstuffworks.com: How Bridges Work [ Profile ] - An in-depth look at how beam and suspension bridges work.

Building Big [ Profile ] - Explores the world of megastructures, including bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels. From PBS.

Bridge Research: Leading the Way to the Future [ Profile ] - An article that discusses the role and value of research in highway bridges.

Geometry of Bridge Construction [ Profile ] - Diagrams of the forces acting on bridges, pictures, and examples.

ShakeZone for Kids [ Profile ] - Classroom exercises and video footage of earthquake damage and shake table testing of building models.

Bridge Designer [ Profile ] - This free program allows you to design a virtual truss, and then put a load on it. It will show you how the load is spread throughout the truss.

The Physics Of Bridges [ Profile ] - Curriculum unit that will explain how scientists and engineers utilize physical science concepts when building a bridge.

Fun and Learning About Bridges [ Profile ] - Index with links to resources about bridges.

Truss Bridge Laboratory, University of Florida Civil Engineering [ Profile ] - Instruction and information on truss bridge structures.

Bridge Basics - A Spotter's Guide to Bridge Design [ Profile ] - Pictures, history, and structural explanations of many different types of trusses and bridges.

About Bridges [ Profile ] - Features pictures of famous bridges, design basics, and a history of materials used for bridges.

Types of Structures [ Profile ] - Pictures and information on structures using steel, concrete, and cables.

Build a Bridge [ Profile ] - Learn about the four steps to building a bridge. Play architect and engineer with the online game.

The Basic Bridge Types [ Profile ] - From the Matsuo Bridge Company, an overview of the six basic types of bridges, with statistics about existing examples of each [may not work in all browsers].

Bridge of the Month Quiz [ Profile ] - Features a picture of a bridge that changes every month to identify. Includes pictures of previous month's bridges.

The Million Dollar Bridge [ Profile ] - ThinkQuest site about a bridge in Alaska. Includes sections on architecture, current construction, timeline, photos, history, geography, and related links.

Bridging the Bay [ Profile ] - An online exhibit of the bridges in the San Francisco Bay area. Includes statistics, history, and facts about each of the six bridges. Also includes a section on unbuilt projects.

Fact Monster: Notable Modern Bridges of the World [ Profile ] - Statistics about a handful of bridges, including name, location, length of span, and year completed.

Structurae [ Profile ] - International Database and Gallery of Structures, intended to provide information on structures of interest to the civil engineer. Includes alphabetical index of architectural structures. Intended for civil engineers, but basic information will be useful.

Factophile: Major Bridges [ Profile ] - Statistics about bridges, organized by bridge type.

West Point Bridge Design Contest [ Profile ] - An annual virtual bridge design contest. The software for the previous competition can be downloaded any time.

Build n Bust A Bridge [ Profile ] - Build and bust a virtual bridge.

Canton Viaduct [ Profile ] - Information and pictures of the Canton Viaduct. Includes pictures of models and timeline of its history. Designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1999.

EPS Bridge Building Unit [ Profile ] - Has a video of homemade bridges breaking, links to bridge building resources, and a downloadable bridge designer.

Engineering for Earthquakes [ Profile ] - Practice making bridges that are strong enough to withstand earthquakes. Page includes background information about earthquakes in general.

How Bridges Work [ Profile ] - Review of how the forces act on different types of bridges. Includes photos of real bridges.

Building to the Limits [ Profile ] - Find out how people are working together to create buildings that are safer, stronger, smarter, greener and more eye-catching than ever before.
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Engineering for Earthquakes - Practice making bridges that are strong enough to withstand earthquakes. Page includes background information about earthquakes in general...