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Discovery Channel: Science Fair Central [ Profile ] - Separate science fair guides for students, teachers, and parents. In the Science Fair Studio, there is a handbook for kids to help with the project, some project ideas and questions you can ask, and a list of books you can get at the library.

Cyber Fair: The Virtual Science Fair [ Profile ] - A place where students in grades 3-6 can read the results of student projects, look for ideas for their own projects, and share the results of their projects with other students.

Steps to Prepare a Science Fair Project [ Profile ] - Written by and for elementary science students in a Minnesota public school.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource [ Profile ] - Includes ideas for projects, step-by-step project instructions, links to other resources, and a board where students can exchange ideas.

Science Fair Projects [ Profile ] - A science teacher, former science fair organizer and judge, and parent writes this simple step-by-step guide.

Science Project and Fair Ideas [ Profile ] - A collection of close to 2000 ideas for science projects. Also available in PDF format for printing and in .lit format for e-book readers.

What Makes a Good Science Fair Project? [ Profile ] - A short guide from the California State Science Fair.

HomeworkSpot.com: Science Fair Center [ Profile ] - Includes project ideas by subject, reference resources, helpful tips and tools, and sample projects.

IPL Science Fair Guide [ Profile ] - Internet Public Library guides students through the steps necessary to create a successful science fair presentation.

Science Fair Primer [ Profile ] - Includes resources from start to finish, including narrowing your topic, analyzing data, and preparing an exhibit.

Math Forum: Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects [ Profile ] - Individual project ideas and collections of suggestions for students planning to participate in a math or science fair, with links to pages featuring math fairs. Students are invited to submit projects.

Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects [ Profile ] - Includes some topics you might choose to integrate into a science fair project.

Science Fair Preparation [ Profile ] - Includes questions to ask at each step in the process to ensure that your project is successful.

Educating Mario - Fun at the Science Fair [ Profile ] - How you can use your Nintendo Game Boy as a versatile electronic measuring instrument in your next Science Fair project.

Mr. McLaren's Science Fair Survival Page [ Profile ] - What makes a good project, ideas, step-by-step guide to organizing the project, and links.

Solar Energy Fair Projects [ Profile ] - Topics, ideas and resources including solar cells, solar home, solar cars, heat appliances, photosynthesis and sample projects.

Project Ideas Using Mushrooms and Fungi [ Profile ] - Ideas and approaches to science projects involving mushroom cultivation, from ready-made mushroom kits to culturing mushroom tissue from the wild.

Science Fair Ideas [ Profile ] - Includes a worksheet that poses fill-in-the-blank questions with suggested topics.

Science Fair Project Ideas [ Profile ] - Free science fair project ideas, with full instructions and explanations.

Team Toronto [ Profile ] - Scrapbook and list of projects this team used. At the 2001 Canada Wide Science Fair. Good source of ideas.

top science fair projects ideas [ Profile ] - 6th and 7th grade science fair projects.

DragonflyTV's Science Fair Source [ Profile ] - PBS guide for students through each step of creating a successful project including challenges, questions, and creativity.

School Science Fairs [ Profile ] - Designed to help students find age-appropriate ideas for science projects.

Make It Solar; Science Fair Project [ Profile ] - Provides help for the scientific method, display boards, ideas, and planning.

Science Fair Project Ideas [ Profile ] - A list of questions at varying levels that one might ask in designing a science fair project.

Fear of Science Fairs [ Profile ] - Science fair projects don't have to be Science-with-a-capital-S.

Earth Storm [ Profile ] - Contains several weather related science projects done by kids.

Science Buddies [ Profile ] - Contains science fair project ideas, and a step by step guide on how to do a science fair project. Includes "ask an expert" discussion board, and tips for competition success.

BJHS Robotics Team [ Profile ] - Has a progress log, team biography, and pictures.

Science Fair Guide [ Profile ] - Guide to picking, planning, and displaying a science project, as well as links to additional resources.

Earthquake Science Fair Project Ideas [ Profile ] - Projects and ideas dealing with earthquakes, faults. and plate tectonics. From the U.S. Geological Survey.

Science Project Wizard [ Profile ] - Brainstorm science fair projects, ways to blow an experiments, and how to wow the judges.

AOL@SCHOOL: Science Fairs [ Profile ] - Provides K-12 teachers and students with project ideas, experiment instructions, supporting facts, display tips and science competitions to enter.
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Science Fair Ideas - Includes a worksheet that poses fill-in-the-blank questions with suggested topics.