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Science of Sound [ Profile ] - A partnership site between the Science Museum and the Minnesota Orchestra, exploring the science and art of sound by offering performance, activities, and discussion sections.

Sound Waves and the Eardrum [ Profile ] - Offers an animation of how high and low pressure waves make the eardrum vibrate along with information on how the journey of sound waves affects the brain.

Sounds and Noise [ Profile ] - Try these experiments which show the physics of sound waves by using objects around the house to demonstrate how they travel.

Acoustics and You [ Profile ] - Find out about all the possible areas for a career in acoustics on this site by the Acoustical Society of America.

The Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms [ Profile ] - Explore in detail the wave front diagrams of stationary and moving sources at both subsonic and supersonic velocities.

The Physics Classroom [ Profile ] - The sound section of a more diverse site. Contains lots of information and fully explained diagrams. Check your understanding with a quiz at the end.

The vOICe Sonification Applet - Draw your own Sound [ Profile ] - Lets explore synthetic sound and vision with a voice mapping Java applet. Also, sonify the pre made images, or make new ones.

Standing Sound Waves [ Profile ] - Uses diagrams to show pressure nodes and internodes of harmonics in a pipe.

The Physics of Sound [ Profile ] - Uses graphs to explain production and perception of sound.

Musical Acoustics [ Profile ] - Learn about acoustics of different instruments, the sound spectrum, standing wave patterns supported by different air columns on this page by The University of New South Wales, Australia .

Sounds Amazing [ Profile ] - Learn all about sounds and waves through a graphical-learning based interface in four lessons.

Looking at Sound [ Profile ] - Detailed look at how sound can be analyzed with a microphone and oscilloscope with clear examples of expected results.

Sound is Energy [ Profile ] - Find out about sound waves, and how their graph varies with change of pitch and volume. Check out the experiments which show that sounds are vibrations.

How Ultrasound Works [ Profile ] - Learn about how waves are reflected as they travel through various objects, and how these reflections are used to produce images for medical use.

Newsome High School Huddersfield [ Profile ] - Download sound worksheet to test your knowledge.

AS Sounds Amazing [ Profile ] - Offers experiments and demonstrations designed to help you understand sound, waves and acoustics.

Science of Sound [ Profile ] - Explains the fundamental ideas of sound.
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Sounds and Noise - Try these experiments which show the physics of sound waves by using objects around the house to demonstrate how they travel.