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Galileo Galilei [ Profile ] - Biography, with links to related internet sites.

Galileo Galilei: Astronomer and Physicist [ Profile ] - Short biography along with links to related resources.

Galileo Galilei [ Profile ] - Short biography and sketch from PBS.

Galileo Galilei [ Profile ] - Basic biography, including history and science topic links, honors awarded to him, and links to other biographies.

Galileo Galilei [ Profile ] - Short profile of the Italian physicist and astronomer.

The Galileo Project [ Profile ] - Hypertext resource on life and work of Galileo Galilei.

Galileo Galilei - Astronomy Rebel With a Cause [ Profile ] - Read about the life and work of this astronomer who went from genius to heretic and back again.

MSN Encarta: Galileo [ Profile ] - Encyclopedia article provides an overview of his life and accomplishments.

Famous Astronomers: Galileo Galilei [ Profile ] - Short biography written by students.

Science Hero: Galileo [ Profile ] - A student-friendly biography of the first man to use a telescope to observe the stars and planets.
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Galileo Galilei - Biography, with links to related internet sites.