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Convert-me.Com [ Profile ] - Interactive calculators for many common and exotic measurement systems, including metric, Ancient Greek, Roman, and old Russian.

CyberSleuth: Units of Measurements Worksheets [ Profile ] - Twenty-three printable worksheets for elementary school-aged children. Focuses primarily on conversion of units of length.

Measurement Worksheets [ Profile ] - Features printable worksheets. Includes English and Metric System pages.

Metric Conversion [ Profile ] - Java metric conversion calculator for length, weight, pressure, and volume.

A Dictionary of Units [ Profile ] - A summary of most of the units of measurement to be found in use around the world today (and a few of historical interest), together with the appropriate conversion factors needed to change them into a standard unit.

How Many? [ Profile ] - A dictionary of units of measurement: explanations of the metric system, System Internationale (SI), English customary system, and other modern measuring systems. Plus extensive links to other measurement-related Internet resources.

Metric 4 US [ Profile ] - A site promoting the metric system which argues why metric is better and English is worse. Provides an English-metric online calculator.

Metric Conversion Tables [ Profile ] - Conversion factors and online calculators for metric and imperial units.

Temperature Converter Fahrenheit Celsius (Centigrade) [ Profile ] - A temperature converter for Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Unit Conversions [ Profile ] - Online conversions from physics units to other physics units. Includes a comprehensive set of units with definitions.

Metric Conversion Tutorial [ Profile ] - Step-by-step, interactive tutorial for converting metric units.

FAQ: How do I read a ruler? [ Profile ] - Instructions on how to use metric and English rulers.

Funbrain.com [ Profile ] - Measurement game - Game which has several levels of difficulty for both English and metric rulers.

How To Read A Ruler [ Profile ] - Article describes all of those little lines and markings.

Jack's Math [ Profile ] - Provides several methods for determining length, width and height.

Measuring Angle and Distance with your Thumb [ Profile ] - How to use body parts to estimate measurements.

Origins of Measurements [ Profile ] - Compares units of ancient times with modern ones.

The Ruler Game [ Profile ] - Timed game will test how quick you can read a ruler.

Metric Measures [ Profile ] - Offers equivalents for common measurements, plus how metric units are used in sports and the kitchen.

Apples4theteacher.com [ Profile ] - Measure the teddy bears game.

Conversion Calculator [ Profile ] - A simple calculator to convert between various units.

GCSE Maths: Measurement [ Profile ] - Includes length, area and volume and the use of prefixes in units. With worked examples and animations.

Online Units Conversion [ Profile ] - Gives equal values for areas, volumes, circle measurements, computer storage, currencies, distance and length, energy, fuel consumption, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, torque, and weights.

Metric Conversion Chart [ Profile ] - Online metric conversion calculator includes metric, US customary and Imperial unit conversions.

The Modern Metric System [ Profile ] - Dictionary of metric units explaining the principles and history of the system.

Learning About Time [ Profile ] - History and description of clocks with lessons on telling the time. Includes an interactive tutor. [Requires Java]
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Metric Conversion Tables - Conversion factors and online calculators for metric and imperial units.