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Fossil Horse Cybermuseum [ Profile ] - Learn all about ancient horses and their ancestors in this exhibit developed by the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Horsefun [ Profile ] - You love horses? Here you'll find good info on these animals, puzzles, and you can even test your knowledge.

Horses [ Profile ] - Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Nature program on what a horse is, how some handicapped riders have succeeded, and how horsepower has helped civilization develop.

Wild Horses of Mongolia [ Profile ] - PBS Nature program narrated by Julia Roberts about the wild horses in Mongolia through the ages and as they are now.

Virtual Horse Graphics [ Profile ] - Free clip art, graphics, horse paintings, greeting cards, screen savers.

Breeds of the World [ Profile ] - The International Museum of the Horse's comprehensive listings of all equine breeds, complete with biographical information and photos.

Stacey Mayer's Free Online Coloring Books [ Profile ] - Arabian horses and their friends.

Horse Lover's Corral [ Profile ] - Fun and educational site for horselovers of all ages. Includes jokes, riddles, pen pals, horse dictionary, horse anatomy, horse stories and poems.

Przewalski's Horse [ Profile ] - All about the only surviving species of wild horse; from the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Horses [ Profile ] - See pictures of and learn all about the many different breeds of horses.

Mongolian Wild Horse [ Profile ] - Provides information about the mongolian wild horse such as diet, habitat, and a photograph.

Buying a Horse [ Profile ] - Veterinarians help with what kind of horse to get and where to find just the right horse.

Horses 4 Kids [ Profile ] - Games, stories, quizzes, and links.

All About Horses [ Profile ] - School project including anatomy, history, pictures and quizzes.

The Horses 4 Ever Guild [ Profile ] - Organization for horse lovers to gather and talk about their horses, exchange riding and grooming tips, as well as competition tips.

Moody Mare [ Profile ] - Includes tips for jumping, safety on hacks, horse stories and photos.

PonyMad ClubHouse [ Profile ] - Contains riding tips, horse care guide, and grooming quiz.

Horses Forever [ Profile ] - Offers horse-related jokes, pictures, and breed facts.

We Love Pokey [ Profile ] - Contains the story and pictures of a horse named Pokey.

The Horse Rescue Site [ Profile ] - Contains information about adopting a horse, including costs involved and alternatives to horse ownership. Includes a list of rescue centers and an explanation of the expenses of horse ownership.

Equimania Stables [ Profile ] - Contains quizzes, stories, crosswords, and puzzles. Includes descriptions of breeds, markings, horse careers, and evolution.

Wild Horses, an American Romance [ Profile ] - History and current state of wild horses in America.

Hippology: Studying the Horse [ Profile ] - Study notes for those competing in 4-H or Pony Club Hippology, Horse Bowl, or Know Down competitions. Includes articles, bulletin board, and links.

Cool Horse Stuff [ Profile ] - Contains photos of horses, games, and stories.

Horse Breeds Online [ Profile ] - Learn about some of breeds, health, and care of horses. Also contains information about stallions, mares, and foals.

All About Ollie [ Profile ] - Learn about horses and play games.

Luv The General(Mac) [ Profile ] - Tells the story about a horse that loves to jump.

Horse N Around Acres [ Profile ] - Contains information on care and training of horses. Enjoy stories, games, and puzzles while learning about horses.

Horses and History [ Profile ] - Explains how horses helped build civilizations from ancient times, through the Middle Ages, up to modern times.
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Moody Mare - Includes tips for jumping, safety on hacks, horse stories and photos.