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Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections [ Profile ] - Youth of all ages can learn the similarities and differences of the brains of various mammals, including brain sections, circuitry, and functions.

Cetacea [ Profile ] - Basic information on cetacea; dolphins, whales, and porpoises. Tips on whale watching and how human kind influences these marine creatures.

NSiS: Florida Wildlife - Mammal Index [ Profile ] - Information concerning mammals from hoofed to gnawing. Also lists mammals who are on the protected list.

Mammals [ Profile ] - A variety of short slides on many mammals of interest ranging from the African elephant to the Wolverine and Zebra. Pictures included as well.

The Hall of Mammals [ Profile ] - Find information on four major groups of mammals; further facts on placental mammals includes fossil records and ecology.

Predators [ Profile ] - Overview and pictures for many large mammals, including the cheetah, ocelot, and wolf.

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of the Cetacea Order [ Profile ] - Research on marine mammals, with emphasis on the order of Cetacea. Find out why porpoises, dolphins, and whales belong to this order of species.

Animal Information & Images [ Profile ] - Answers to frequently asked questions by kids about mammals such as bears and wolves.

Respiratory System [ Profile ] - Shows the respiratory system of several animals, including man.

TheWebsiteOfEverything.com - Everything about Mammals [ Profile ] - Contains articles on many mammals with hyperlinked citations.

International Marine Mammal Project [ Profile ] - An international project dedicated to protecting marine creatures from dolphins to seals. Features archives, letters, and information these marine mammals.

The Mammal Society [ Profile ] - Promotes the interests of mammals throughout the British Isles and elsewhere through news articles and fun zone sections.

The Wolverine Foundation [ Profile ] - Non-profit organization directed at the support and initiation of research and information concerning wolverines.

Badgers [ Profile ] - Description of badgers, their family life, and about their living space (setts). Includes photographs, and tips for seeing them in the wild.

Australian Animals [ Profile ] - Contains facts about dingos, dugongs, koalas, kangaroos, and tasmanian devils.

Amazing Animal Information [ Profile ] - Information and interesting facts on animals especially written for kids.

Adventures in the Field: A Fabulous Find [ Profile ] - Looks through an archaeological dig to find out about ancient animals living in central Chile.

Africa Discovery, Understanding, and Conservation at The Field Museum [ Profile ] - Looks at different animals in Africa, and undertakes research to try and make sure they don't go extinct.
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