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I Can Do That [ Profile ] - Cartoon characters take you on a tour of cells, DNA, RNA and biological techniques.

ScienceBob.com [ Profile ] - Enter the world of Science Bob to try home experiments, visit his on-line lab and get answers to your science questions.

eNature.com [ Profile ] - The complete nature and wildlife resource featuring the Audubon Guides to plants and animals, outdoor planner and destination guide, habitat Guide, eCards, and newsletters.

The Visible Embryo [ Profile ] - Provides a visual journey through the stages of human development from conception to birth.

The Biology Project [ Profile ] - Online interactive resource for learning biology. Content includes Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Molecular Biology, Mendelian Genetics, and Immunology.

Cool Science For Curious Kids [ Profile ] - Fun and interactive site to help kids appreciate science. Why are snakes like lizards, and monkeys like moose? Find out here.

The Guardians of the Millennium [ Profile ] - Describes microbiology, the rain forest and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Also in French, German, and Spanish.

Biotech Adventure [ Profile ] - A site intended to teach users about biology and biotechnology. Includes some educational illustrations and animations that can be downloaded by teachers and other educators for use in their curriculum.

Activities in Biology [ Profile ] - Provides interactive quizzes on topics such as cell biology, organ systems, ecology, and photosynthesis.

Common Teasers in Biology [ Profile ] - Offers a few facts such as how an insect breaths to why a chameleon can change it's color.

Science For Kids [ Profile ] - Offers news about plants, animals, and other life science issues. Also includes pop quizzes, and pictures. Site is available in Spanish.

Biology Online [ Profile ] - Online activities, labs and tutorials. Site available in Spanish.

Thousand Eyes [ Profile ] - A volunteer project that observes and records natural history events such as plants flowering, birds returning, frogs peeping, and weather events. Offers a field guide, graphs, maps, and reasons for the project.

Diversity of Life Web Index [ Profile ] - Links to information about each of the kingdoms and a glossary of terms.

Tree of Life Web Project [ Profile ] - Classification of organisms. Has diagrams showing where all organisms fit into the evolutionary tree.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages [ Profile ] - Games, music, brainteasers, and other activities that introduce children to the impact of the environment on health.

Electronic Naturalist [ Profile ] - Information on North American animals and plants with illustrations, text, activities, and access to a naturalist.

OceanLink [ Profile ] - Facts, in-depth articles, ask-a-scientist forum, archive of answers and newsletter on oceans and ocean life.

Wildlife-Our Wild Neighbors [ Profile ] - Learn about wild animals through online fun and games.

Biology In Motion [ Profile ] - Online activities for learning biology, including animated cartoons, an evolution simulation laboratory, and drag-and-drop quizzes.

Living Things [ Profile ] - A look at individual organisms, communities, populations, species, and ecological food webs.

Science Isn't Hard [ Profile ] - Interactive GCSE Biology website. Some of the topics that it covers are cells, photosynthesis, the nervous system and homeostasis.

Fish Olympics [ Profile ] - Introduces the natural history of the sea through a fun game.

4-H Embryology [ Profile ] - Includes guidelines for incubating and candling eggs, photos, movies, egg cam, and resources. Sponsored by the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

Forest Speaks Exhibit [ Profile ] - Educational web version of the Visitor's Center exhibit at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Includes information on rainforest mammals, frogs, birds and plants.

Dr. Farabee's Online Biology Book [ Profile ] - Well organized and illustrated general biology text from Estrella Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona. Advanced, but very clearly explained and illustrated.

Online Biology Book [ Profile ] - Provides concise information on all aspects of biology, from biochemistry and body systems to plants and history.

The Open Door Web Site [ Profile ] - A Natural Science reference site for middle school students. Includes topic chapters, facts and figures, questions and quizzes. Quick search and index search available, as well as an Internet guide.

SeaWorld: Animal Information [ Profile ] - Contains information books, quick fact sheets, and the small wonders that are born at SeaWorld.

Discover the History of Life [ Profile ] - Provides an introduction to phylogeny, geologic time, and evolution.

Cool Activities for Kids [ Profile ] - Features learning activities about plants, space geology, veterinary science, parasites, ecology, sea otters, pollen, and using a virtual telescope to view genetic material.

Rader's Biology4Kids.com [ Profile ] - Cells, microbiology, the scientific method, invertebrates, plants, and vertebrates. There is also an extensive section with examples of different species. Offers downloads and online activities.

The Temperate Rain Forest Canopy of the Pacific Northwest [ Profile ] - Hidden picture of canopy critters, Ask Dr. Canopy, leaf and bark rubbings, poetry, and conservation tips.

Kids' Corner [ Profile ] - Learn about Louisiana wetlands, and the plants and animals that live there. Includes coloring pages, maps, and aerial photographs.

Whiteman Park: Kids Only!!! [ Profile ] - A nature reserve in Western Australia lets you look for a wallaby and colour a picture of native plants and animals.

Just for Kids Wildlife Page [ Profile ] - Read about moose, wild turkeys, mosquitos, hummingbirds, and bears. Learn about habitat and wildlife biology. Color a bat, falcon, warbler, or eagle.
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