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Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab [ Profile ] - Free science projects and experiments for parents, teachers, and children of all ages.

Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive [ Profile ] - Fun and sometimes edible science projects for kids.

Science Activities [ Profile ] - From the Ben Franklin Institute, projects for kids 5-12.

Hunkin's Experiments [ Profile ] - Cartoons showing how to do hundreds of weird and wonderful things. All experiments from cartoonist and scientist Tim Hunkin.

Kitchen Safe Science [ Profile ] - A fun way for kids to bring hands-on science into their own homes. All demos are safe and easy, and they come with full explanations.

HobbyScience Projects for Kids [ Profile ] - A number of ideas for easy science projects for children. Includes many topics.

Union Station: Science City Experiment Page [ Profile ] - Hands-on science experiments that use common household materials.

Dripstone Experiment [ Profile ] - Investigation of stalactites and stalagmites in a home experiment involving epsom salts and water.

The Mission: A Great Scientific Adventure [ Profile ] - Features science games, animated clues and fun quizzes that explain the science of everyday life and the discoveries that lie behind it. Requires free registration.

Worm Watch [ Profile ] - Hands on activities with worms to learn about soil and ecosystems.

Following the Path of Discovery [ Profile ] - How to repeat famous science experiments. Also includes a Science Fair project guide, information about scientists and inventors, science trivia, and science jokes.

ScI-Journal [ Profile ] - Online journal of high school and college students' lab reports from their science classes, labs and fairs. A discussion list allows messages about each report to be posted on the site.

Chemical Experiments for Cubs [ Profile ] - List of simple experiments to do with elementary school aged children at home.

T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. [ Profile ] - Featuring a variety of scientific experiments on this popular snack food.

Funology [ Profile ] - Lots of fun home experiments for kids exploring physics, chemistry, biology and the weather.

Science Hobbyist [ Profile ] - A growing collection of science projects for all ages.

Sweet Home Arsenic Project [ Profile ] - Project investigating the relationship between arsenic levels in soil and the growth of plants.

Neuroscience for Kids [ Profile ] - A collection of simple science experiments exploring neuroscience, plus science fair ideas and other activities.

Try Science [ Profile ] - Experiments ranging from making music with coat hangers to measuring your lung capacity. Contains useful tips for teachers and parents.

Exploratorium: Hands-on Activities [ Profile ] - Hands-on science activities from the Exploratorium museum of science, art and human perception. Experiments explore a huge range of topics including space, food, living things and the human mind.

Brainy Kids [ Profile ] - Brain related activities, information, links and lesson plans from the Dana Foundation's educational Web site.

Little Shop of Physics: Experiments [ Profile ] - Dozens of physics experiments using common household items or a computer.

Experimental Science Projects, An Introductory Level Guide [ Profile ] - Describes the steps involved in creating a science project. From initial observations, to experimental design to final conclusions.

CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club [ Profile ] - A collection of easy to do, yet interesting and informative, experiments in different fields of science.

Exploratorium: Science Explorer [ Profile ] - Offers many easy-to-do experiments and projects, and explains why things happen the way they do and how things work.

Eggsperiment [ Profile ] - Use an egg and a small jar or bottle to investigate changes in air pressure.

Resources for Learning [ Profile ] - A collection of material and suggestions for schools and kids involved in science projects.

Science Experiments For Kids [ Profile ] - Projects with a modest mess factor.
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