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Earth and Animal Facts [ Profile ] - An educational web site about earth ecology, plant and animal life, and wildlife.

National Wildlife Federation For Kids [ Profile ] - Play games, go on a virtual tour and meet Ranger Rick in this fun website.

EduGreen [ Profile ] - From air pollution to energy, learn more about the world in which you live through games, poems, stories, and ask-an-expert.

Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures [ Profile ] - Every 8 weeks, Maggie is sent on a "Mission Impossible" style adventure that teaches kids about the environment. Each mission features an 8-minute cartoon with music, games, gadgets, and factual content. Requires Flash plug-in.

The Headbone Derby - Ecology Strikes Back [ Profile ] - Help Iz and Auggie solve a series of ecological problems happening on Planet Small by finding similar, real-life examples on Earth.

EHC Kid's Corner [ Profile ] - Games, puzzles, and hands-on activities that help protect the environment. From the National Safety Council.

Natural Resources Kids' Page [ Profile ] - For kids interested in the environment, and in having fun. Includes games and features about salmon and wildlife, hazardous substances, recycling, and choosing recycled products.

Planetpals Earthzone [ Profile ] - A children's interactive web site about the environment, with card games, a free recycle kit to print, coloring book, and lots of interesting facts.

Exploring the Environment [ Profile ] - More than a dozen interactive studies related to the environment. For middle and high school students. Includes teacher guides for classroom use.

Explorers Club [ Profile ] - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's site for kids. Lots of fun and interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment.

Earthforce [ Profile ] - National non-profit youth organization empowers kids to help solve local environmental problems.

Children of the Earth United [ Profile ] - A non-profit organization which helps young people learn about animals, plants, ecology, and nature centers. Site also provides a forum for people to share their creative ideas and knowledge of the environment.

Environmental Literacy Council [ Profile ] - Looks at a variety of issues related to the environment, including topics such as air, food, energy, water, population, and waste.

Paper University [ Profile ] - Information and activities for students and teachers on papermaking, recycling, forestry, trees, paper crafts, careers, and the environment.

EEK - Environmental Education for Kids [ Profile ] - Interactive online magazine by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Designed for children in grades 4-8.

Environmental Science [ Profile ] - Offers environmental news, issues, quizzes, facts, and links in a kid-friendly setting. Also provides information for parents and teachers.

Kids for Saving Earth [ Profile ] - Preschoolers through teenagers will find great ways they can help take care of the earth.

Eddy the Eco-Dog [ Profile ] - Features interactive entertainment and education with games, puzzles, jokes, and cartoons designed to help kids discover cool things about nature, science and ecology.

NIEHS Kids Pages [ Profile ] - Features environmental games, science, puzzles, and research information.

Young People's Trust for the Environment [ Profile ] - Information written for young people and teachers on environmental issues.

ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society [ Profile ] - Identifies threats to the environment and tells what people can do to make a difference. Includes related links.

Envirofun [ Profile ] - Captain Earthworm, Captain Redbird, and Captain Bluegill present information about recycling, pollution, and tips for keeping the environment healthy. Includes activities.

Kids R Green [ Profile ] - From the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE), kRg offers educational activities and games about many aspects of the environment. Also offers crafts and a theme of the month.

Restoring Earth [ Profile ] - A student's personal site designed to teach its visitors about the science behind the earth. Includes environmental science, biology, Christianity, interactive quiz, and author bio.

Elements [ Profile ] - Multilingual environmental magazine with activities and interactive games.

E-OK Kids [ Profile ] - New site promoting environmentally friendly activities. Includes links.

Elsa The Envirophant [ Profile ] - Learn about the environment from Elsa. Includes coloring pages,newsletter, fan club, and banner exchange.

Backyard Nature [ Profile ] - Nature study basics, with an emphasis on backyard plants and animals. Includes a section on naming and classification, list making, and "why bother with nature?"

Charlie's Corner [ Profile ] - Provides young children information on the environment while playing games and having fun. Maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Nature Challenge for Kids [ Profile ] - Ten ways that kids can protect nature. Also features challenge activities kids can do at home, as well as subject links.

Mr. M's Reef Web Quests [ Profile ] - Four different environmental online web-quests for students to be involved in. Students get to complete online challenges, learning about caring for the environment.

Ollie's World [ Profile ] - Looks at sustainability with a focus on the three R's: reducing, reusing, and recycling. Includes a club, games, and news.

Oil and You [ Profile ] - FAQ about the world's oil supply.

Dimdima Kids [ Profile ] - Indian online children's magazine for ecology. Read nature notes, tales, about culture, plants, animals, environmentalists, endangered and extinct species.

EPA Student Center [ Profile ] - Provides environmental basics, club projects, careers, internships, youth awards, fun activities and information on ecosystems, air, water conservation, waste and recycling, human health and neighborhood projects. Also has teachers' site.

Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment [ Profile ] - Discusses air quality, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion. From Manchester Metropolitan University. In English and French.

Global Response Kids [ Profile ] - Tells kids what they can to do protect the environment.

Coastal Explorer [ Profile ] - Clear explanations of erosion, deposition, and other coastal features. With photos and glossary. Includes section for teachers.

Earth and Space Week [ Profile ] - Flag design competition by children aged 5 to 19, from Norway, Switzerland and countries in the European Union. Includes illustrations of winning projects.

Saving Our Environment [ Profile ] - Provides young people with a forum for exchanging idea on protecting the environment.

Backyard Jungle [ Profile ] - People network with each other about their local environment. Enables users to explore the natural world around them and report their findings online through photos, drawings, and maps.

BBC Really Wild Zone [ Profile ] - A site for those interested in animals and the natural world around them; has wild life facts, games and competitions. Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.

The Ranger Zone [ Profile ] - Offers information to help young people learn how to become part of the junior ranger program. Includes links to participating park webpages, photo galleries, as well as creative works by young people.

Ecokids Online [ Profile ] - Provides environmentally educative games, stories, a picture gallery, calendar of events, contests, and facts about Earth's environment. Membership is free to schools and youth groups in Canada.

10 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet [ Profile ] - A list of simple things anyone can do in and around the home, that will help the environment. Includes animation of a family called The Sustainables.

Teens For Planet Earth [ Profile ] - Learn about the planet and what you can do to help protect it. Read about people who work in conservation. Includes a special section for girls.

Earth Life [ Profile ] - Collects and shares environmental information. Provides information on environmental issues.

Change the World [ Profile ] - Provides simple suggestions for kids and teens to help prevent environmental problems like pollution, urban sprawl, and mistreatment of wildlife.

Smart Spark's Multi-Challenges [ Profile ] - A set of challenges for children on the topic of energy efficiency. Questions, puzzles and lots of fun.

Tunza [ Profile ] - United Nations program for children from all over the world who want to help the environment. Includes facts, games, competitions, and resources for making a difference.

Pachamama [ Profile ] - Young people around the world have contributed personal accounts, poems, illustrations, and games to show the state of the environment and what can be done about it.

Department of Environmental Protection Kids Page [ Profile ] - Find out about Florida state parks, air and water resources, and waste management. Take a quiz or read fast facts.

RSPB: Green Living [ Profile ] - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds tells about recycling, saving water, using less energy and protecting wetland habitats.

Educational in Nature [ Profile ] - Learn how to identify tracks from different mammals, create your own slime, or make recycled paper with these activities and experiments designed to teach kids about the environment.

Tammy the Turkey's Shoppers' Checklist [ Profile ] - Examines how people's shopping habits can affect the planet. Includes interactive quiz.

Tiki the Penguin [ Profile ] - Tiki looks at the mess people have made of our planet. He suggests how kids can help make things better for all of us.

Environmental Awareness: Knowing Your World [ Profile ] - Learn about global warming, acid precipitation, earth's energy systems, natural resources, and water conservation.

Create Microhabitats [ Profile ] - Learn to make brush piles for song birds and small mammals, build rock piles for reptiles and amphibians, or make a log pile that many small creatures can use.

Ode to Dead Wood [ Profile ] - Explains how fallen trees and snags are important to ecosystems. Learn what animals depend on this type of habitat.

BLM Learning Landscapes [ Profile ] - Learn about public lands, plants and animals, and how to volunteer in your state. Activity booklets with tips to help protect the land. From the Bureau of Land Management. [Booklets require free Adobe download.]

Ecosystems [ Profile ] - Interactive examination of ecological concepts including natural selection, population balance, exchange cycles, and environmental protection. Includes quizzes, activities and project ideas.

Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) [ Profile ] - Learn how students help by collecting local environmental data and sharing their observations between schools and with scientists via the Internet.

Captain Ozone [ Profile ] - Features a documentary about a costumed superhero who has taken up various environmental causes on television and the Internet.

CyberRangers [ Profile ] - Interactive nature conservation club where kids can form a cyber ranger squad and learns about the world of nature. Requires Flash plug-in.

Environmental False Alarms [ Profile ] - Op-Ed article discusses claims about Montana's declining environmental health. Includes reported problems, facts about the state, statistics for parts of the world, and government regulation versus private enterprise.

One Natural Resources Way [ Profile ] - Features information, videoes, sounds, activities and a webzine about natural resources, ecosystems, state parks, and hunting.

Project Wild [ Profile ] - Information about and sample materials from an interactive, interdisciplinary wildlife conservation and environment.

Project Learning Tree [ Profile ] - Helps you learn how to think, not what to think, about the environment.

NatureWatch [ Profile ] - Features observing, studying, or photographing the vast varieties of fish, wildflowers, wildlife, and scenery. Has viewisections on wildlife, celebrating wildflowers, and fishwatch and festivals with walks.

Fort Worth Environmental Management: The Kids Page [ Profile ] - Fun activities, information and links.

Yucca Mountain Youth Zone [ Profile ] - A tour of the Yucca Mountain project for managing and handling nuclear waste material. Discussions on the problems and how to solve them as well as learning programs and games.

The Environment [ Profile ] - Looks at the need to protect the environment as well as the challenges involved. Focuses on the importance of preserving history, conserving natural resources for future use, and developing earth-friendly habits.

The Academy of Natural Sciences: Know Your Environment [ Profile ] - Learn how to help save the environment, about different hazards, and the value of ecosystems.

Earth Today and Tomorrow [ Profile ] - A section of the Natural History Museum that provides a look at the planet on which we live and how we interact with it.
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