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Mr. Hand's 8th Grade Science Site [ Profile ] - Homepage for Mr. Hand's class at Mansfield Middle School in Storrs, Connecticut. Includes information on laws of motion, flight, the immune system, energy, chemistry, genetics, and reproduction.

Elizabeth Shanor's Education Home Page [ Profile ] - Science teacher at Byers High School in Byers, CO. Page lists assignments, links and other information.

Mr. Volkman's Page [ Profile ] - Includes notes and reviews for biology and chemistry classes taken at Black River Falls High School.

Mr. Pratt's Science Class [ Profile ] - Human anatomy, physiology, and physical science classes at Jordan High School in Durham, NC. Includes notes for download and resource links.

Ak's Page Away From Home [ Profile ] - Biology and chemistry at Westby High School in Wisconsin. Includes links and homework schedule.

Mr. Breed's Science Class [ Profile ] - Earth science and chemistry at Chenango Valley High School. Includes assignments and notes.

Mr Lewis' Classroom [ Profile ] - Physics, physical science, biology, and chemistry for a high school in Wilson County, Tennessee. Class projects include egg drop, roller coaster, catapult and toothpick bridges. Offers pictures and descriptions of projects.

MySci.Net [ Profile ] - Physics, physical science, industrial technology, and earth science at Kapeland High School, by listing assignments, links, labs, and a few major science initiatives.

MrMason.com [ Profile ] - Designed for Boca Ciega High School Freshman earth science students. Includes news, class policies, and links.

The Big Bang Science Journal [ Profile ] - The online archives of a science publication based in Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Includes news articles.

Bloatus Gargantuous [ Profile ] - A humorous and satirical site dedicated to helping marine science students at Garfield High School with questions relating to that class.

Mr. Mitchell's Mad Science Lab [ Profile ] - Chemistry and physics. Includes syllabus, assignments, links, and worksheets.

WilliamsClass [ Profile ] - Middle school science and English projects. Includes science fair info, student work, teacher biography, rules, and links.

Mrs. Poarch's Science Class [ Profile ] - Resources for middle school science. Includes links for students, parents and teachers.

Tsunamis [ Profile ] - Mr. Diaz's summer science camp team. Featuring daily news, description of the program, links, and pictures.

Mr Clarks [ Profile ] - Fill in the gap quizzes about biology, chemistry, and physics that can be used as study or revision aids.

Bumper Sticker [ Profile ] - Seventh grade news page features articles on social issues, current news, sports, and book reviews.

PlanetWells [ Profile ] - Mr Well's science class and sports team information. Includes biography, online grades, parent information, classes, picture gallery, and links.

Mr. Casey's WebPage of Knowledge [ Profile ] - Includes links for researching chemistry, physics, and astronomy topics. Also, links for finding science articles, making graphs, and how to do a proper lab write-up.

Kingsbury Middle School Science Lab [ Profile ] - Mr. Cramer's homework and assignments for 7th and 8th grade science classes, and pictures taken in the classroom.

The Science Classroom [ Profile ] - Includes PowerPoints, clipart, lesson plans, calendar, graphic organizers, puzzles, and quizzes.

Mr. Sakaguchi's Science Page [ Profile ] - High school chemistry, physical science, and AP biology. Includes course outlines, agendas, and state and national standards.
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Bloatus Gargantuous - A humorous and satirical site dedicated to helping marine science students at Garfield High School with questions relating to that class.