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Chem4Kids.com [ Profile ] - Learn about chemistry including matter, atoms, and reactions. Includes online quizzes.

Polymers: They're Everywhere [ Profile ] - Explains what polymers are, where they're found, and why they're important. From National Geographic.

The pH Factor [ Profile ] - Virtual chemistry lab about the pH scale.

Java Applets for Chemistry [ Profile ] - Java and Shockwave programs allow students to conduct virtual experiments.

Delights of Chemistry - Chemistry Demonstrations Performed in Leeds [ Profile ] - Chemistry demonstrations performed at the University of Leeds. Movies, photos, and text that explain chemical reactions are available within this site.

Chemistry Coach Tutorials [ Profile ] - Links to a number of site with tutorials, directions, or instruction about chemistry topics including balancing chemical equations, types of reactions, formulas, the mole, stoichiometry, and class information.

The Right Chemistry [ Profile ] - Canadian site encouraging teachers and students to create chemistry-related online projects in their school. Eligible projects receive funding. Site also contains games, resources and links to chemistry projects that have already been created.

Who Invented the Thermometer? [ Profile ] - Timeline showing the invention of the thermometer and the history of the different temperature scales.

Chemistry of Tie-Dying [ Profile ] - Background of the chemistry of dyes as examples of molecules, and the reaction between cotton and dye as a perfect example of a simple chemical reaction.

Virtual Dating [ Profile ] - Java introduction to different kinds of radioactive dating, including radiocarbon and isochron dating.

Learn Chemistry [ Profile ] - Tutorials, tests, problems, and tools for learning basic and organic chemistry.

Chemistry and You [ Profile ] - European Chemical Industry Council helps students understand how chemistry is present everywhere in our daily life. [Flash required]

Chemistry - An Introduction [ Profile ] - Information, quizzes and activities that provide an introduction to chemistry. Topics include atoms, molecules, gases, liquids, formulas, and the periodic table.

Chemistry Help Page [ Profile ] - Online quizzes, notes, and interactive links.

What's That Stuff? [ Profile ] - Explains the chemistry behind food, cleaning products, and everyday items like lipstick and paper.

Chemistry [ Profile ] - Thinkquest site offering an overview of atoms, molecules, phases of matter, acids, bases, and elements. Includes games, quizzes, bibliography, and glossary.

Mirror Molecules [ Profile ] - Some molecules come in mirror-image pairs: a right-handed one and a left-handed one. This Smithsonian site helps kids grades 5 and up learn more about the structure of molecules.

VC2: Your Virtual Chemistry Club [ Profile ] - Introduces high school students to the challenges and excitement of the molecular science.

Wondernet: Your Science Place in Cyberspace [ Profile ] - Chemistry activities provided through the education division of the American Chemical Society.

Interactive and Illustrated Chemistry [ Profile ] - Provides a periodic table with electronegativity, orbitals, and oxidation number.

Global Instructional Chemistry [ Profile ] - A collection of resource references on various topics in chemistry.

The Kids' Macrogalleria [ Profile ] - Explains what a polymer is, what it's used for, and how we can make things out of them.

Newton & Kelvin's Laboratory [ Profile ] - Have fun learning about chemistry with games, easy experiments, special feature, cram sheet and periodic table.

Saving the National Treasures [ Profile ] - NOVA television program explores the techniques used to preserve the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.
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Printable Periodic Table - Printable table that provides symbols, atomic numbers, and atomic weight with four significant figures.