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Boeing International Space Station [ Profile ] - Boeing Company site which has information, mission history, image archive, construction information, and a site map and data archive.

International Space Station [ Profile ] - Comprehensive Discovery.com Life in Space site about the Space Station with space exploration stories in the news now, video gallery and live feeds, animations, tours, interviews with the astronauts, and web links.

NASA Human Space Flight [ Profile ] - Official NASA site with news and information about the space shuttles, the space station, the Mars flight, and history and picture gallery.

New Science: Housekeeping in Space [ Profile ] - Living in space is a great adventure. In science fiction, the space heroes rarely have to take out the trash or clean the kitchen, but real-life astronauts have chores they have to do on the Station.

NASA Simulations - Interactive Media [ Profile ] - Your source for NASA space flight simulations. Launch the Space Shuttle. Dock with the International Space Station.

Food for Space Flight [ Profile ] - Learn about the history of food in space, the space shuttle food system, the shuttle's menu, and get an insight into the science of space nutrition.

Click2Disasters - Challenger Explosion [ Profile ] - As Challenger left Cape Canaveral, with the first teacher to travel in space onboard, the shuttle's flight was doomed. Examine official pictures and reports from NASA to understand what happened.

International Space Station [ Profile ] - Provides computer games, news, polls, pictures, and downloads about the space station.

Click2Disasters - Columbia: Story Behind the Explosion [ Profile ] - Examine video animations plus official NASA pictures and documents to learn Columbia's story from first flight to tragic end.

Space-Travel.com News [ Profile ] - Provides news relating to space flight.

City in Space [ Profile ] - Current coverage of the International Space Station from CNN. Includes links to a detailed diagram and a 3D VRML model of the station. Also has a schedule for assembling station components and a tour of the mission control center.

Space Travel 101: Fundamentals of Space Travel [ Profile ] - Essentials of spacecraft and missions presented by a group of teens for the Thinkquest competition. Talks about the history of space travel, the technology involved, and the dangers. In English and Portuguese.

Thinkquest: History of Space Travel [ Profile ] - Traces the history of flight, from 15th century gliders to the modern space era.

Thinkquest: Space Travel [ Profile ] - Explores skylabs, discusses satellite and shuttle operations, profiles astronauts and considers the future of space travel. In English and Spanish.

Just for Fun [ Profile ] - Play games that will teach you about space flight or read about what it's like living and working in space or how to become an astronaut.
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Thinkquest: History of Space Travel - Traces the history of flight, from 15th century gliders to the modern space era.