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Let's Count! [ Profile ] - Online preschool and kindergarten counting games.

One Little Ball [ Profile ] - Online storybook and activity pages teach kids to count to five.

Count Us In Games [ Profile ] - Early childhood maths education site featuring Flash games to help kids develop skills in number concepts and counting. Compliments ABC's TV program"Count Us In."

MysticalBall.com [ Profile ] - A magical crystal ball that knows what you are thinking.

Cool Kids Computer Mouse Counting Book [ Profile ] - Count the mice, from 1-10.

Dictionary of Number Words [ Profile ] - A dictionary of English-language words, phrases, prefixes, suffixes, and symbols that describe numbers.

Malcs Cartoon Site [ Profile ] - Original characters and animated letters help young children to count and learn safety lessons.

Number Names [ Profile ] - The standard English language names for the cardinal and ordinal numbers from zero through ten thousand.
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Cool Kids Computer Mouse Counting Book - Count the mice, from 1-10.