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Paragraph Builder [ Profile ] - Step-by-step directions for organizing and writing a good paragraph.

paragraphpunch.com [ Profile ] - An online writing tutorial; takes students through the actual steps of writing a paragraph online.

Young Writers' Clubhouse [ Profile ] - Encouragement for young writers by Deborah Morris, author of the Real Kids, Real Adventures series. Includes answers to frequently asked questions and tips for getting started.

Haiku for People [ Profile ] - Tells what Haiku is, explains how to write it, and gives numerous examples in English.

11 Rules of Writing [ Profile ] - A concise guide to some of the most frequently violated rules of writing, punctuation, and grammar.

What Makes a Good Story? [ Profile ] - Interactive exhibit takes visitors on a literary journey through the classic short story and examines the elements that come together to create a good story.

Topics for Informative or Persuasive Speeches [ Profile ] - Topics submitted by students. Can be used for ideas for essays as well. Users may submit suggestions to add to the list.

English Online - Writers' Window [ Profile ] - Provides guides to writing stories, poems, reviews, and research papers. Also publishes the writings of children and teenagers.

ABC's of the Writing Process [ Profile ] - Tips for each of the five stages of the writing process.

Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales [ Profile ] - Resource for learning about and writing in these genres.

Oswego High School Online Writing Guide [ Profile ] - Need help in getting started on that book report or term paper? Learn how to create outlines, to organize writing, and construct well-organized paragraphs.

Science Fiction Writing Activity [ Profile ] - Use nonfiction science to create a science fiction story.

Swords of Writing [ Profile ] - Pictures, stories, poetry, and a chatroom intended to provide motivation for writing.

The Five Paragraph Essay [ Profile ] - Basic information, writing prompts, and examples.

Writing Den [ Profile ] - Offers resources for students and teachers to improve their English reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996 [ Profile ] - Practical and authoritative guide to contemporary English. Provides a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups, and scientific forms.

H.W. Fowler: The King's English [ Profile ] - Authoritative text on grammar, syntax, punctuation, writing techniques, and style.

Official Flat Stanley Project [ Profile ] - A journaling project in which schools create a paper doll, write a journal for a few days, and send it on to another school. Includes a list of partner schools and how to get involved.

Judy Reeves - Writer [ Profile ] - Includes hints, tips and ideas.

Young Scottish Poetry Library [ Profile ] - Poetry writing activities and workshops for children and young people.

The Claremont Review Literary Magazine [ Profile ] - Solicits and publishes teen writings; also offers writing tips and a manuscript/mentor service.

Scatty Thoughts [ Profile ] - Resource for teenagers to post, read, and review their thoughts in form of articles, stories, lyrics etc.

N2Arts [ Profile ] - Online community and magazine for those who are involved in writing.

Paragraph Organizer [ Profile ] - Offers paragraph writing help, composition of a paragraph and instructions for writing.

Assorted Ham [ Profile ] - Features online story writing activity where young writers can writer their own stories or contribute to existing stories.

Kiddie Thoughts [ Profile ] - Offers kids and teens a chance to share their thoughts in the form of stories and poetry.

Effective Writing [ Profile ] - Writing guidelines that show you how to make readers understand and feel your thoughts.

The Writing Pot [ Profile ] - Offers help to young writers in publicizing their writing in a small community.

License 2 Write [ Profile ] - Teaches students how to structure a paper and improve their proofreading skills.

Sen10ce Maker [ Profile ] - Provides sentence making tips, techniques of how to structure a sentence and clarification on confusing words and verbs.

Anthony’s Workshop [ Profile ] - Offers a tutorial, definitions, and exercises to teach punctuation and the parts of speech.

Writing Skills [ Profile ] - A comprehensive guide to researching information and producing well structured written work. Includes sections on paragraphs, punctuation, essay writing, and using references.

Center for Writing: Quick Tips [ Profile ] - A series of suggestions for effective and correct composition. Covers punctuation, style, grammar, plagiarism and specific writing tasks. Each topic can be downloaded as PDF.

Kids' Place: English [ Profile ] - An interactive way of improving written work, with ideas for practice sessions and an explanation of the drafting and revision process.

Message in a Bottle [ Profile ] - Read what kids from a 6th grade class wrote to go in a bottle which was thrown into the Mediterranean Sea.

Write Away - a site for teen writers [ Profile ] - Provides a writing workshop where characters, plot, and setting can be developed.

Potluck Children's Literary Magazine [ Profile ] - Children's magazine that publishes poetry, short stories, book reviews and artwork by young writers/artists ages 8-16. Includes educational articles to enrich writing skills.

Exploring English [ Profile ] - Provides tips, tools, and resources to help improve writing skills. Includes why it's important to write well, the parts of speech, types of sentences, punctuation, spelling, and a downloadable file.

The Magic Key [ Profile ] - Characters from the Oxford Reading Tree offer games and worksheets about writing, grammar and punctuation.

Kid Quote Greeting Cards [ Profile ] - Greeting card publisher that holds a semi-annual kid quote contest. Student writers submit quotes that might be used in future greeting cards. Prizes are awarded.

For Kids: Secrets and Surprises about Writing [ Profile ] - Children's book author Pamela Jane tells how she gets ideas for writing.

Diana Hacker: A Writer's Reference, Sixth Edition [ Profile ] - Provides exercises in writing, grammar, and research. Includes language debates, model papers, and research and documentation online. [Requires registration to save scores.]
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The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996 - Practical and authoritative guide to contemporary English. Provides a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word...