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Spatial Concepts [ Profile ] - Uses colorful images to define spatial concepts such as over and under, between, and big and little.

Fake Out [ Profile ] - Choose a word and try to guess its definition. Words grouped by age and ability levels.

What's the Word [ Profile ] - Online game to learn reading and expand vocabulary. From Funbrain.com.

Vocabulary.com- Level One Puzzle [ Profile ] - Interactive games suitable for fourth through eighth graders.

Vocabulary Vulcanizer [ Profile ] - Teaches "word parts" to help users decode meanings and build vocabulary.

Vocabulary Quiz [ Profile ] - Match SAT words with their definitions.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun [ Profile ] - Hangman, matching, word search, and vocabulary trivia to help students learn vocabulary.

Vocab Test.com [ Profile ] - A series of interactive tests designed to help students learn standard SAT words.

Word Traps [ Profile ] - Provides an alphabetical list of words which are often misused. Includes definition and corrected usage.

ThinkQuest: Winning With Words [ Profile ] - A choose your own sea-faring adventure story with links to a glossary.

Vocabulary Drill for Kids [ Profile ] - Uses one less familiar word in a sentence, then provides three possible definitions. Kids use sentence context to choose the correct meaning.

iVocabulary.com [ Profile ] - Offers tests to build students' vocabularies, as practice for the SAT, or for ESL students. Difficulty increases with each correct answer.

SAT Preparation [ Profile ] - Provides fill-in and definition quizzes to prepare for the vocabulary portion of the SAT. Includes database of questions from the practice test.

Dolch Word List [ Profile ] - A flash-card type vocabulary list of 220 common words.

StudyBeans: Vocabulary [ Profile ] - Contains flashcards and quizzes.
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Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun - Hangman, matching, word search, and vocabulary trivia to help students learn vocabulary.