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The Write Site [ Profile ] - Introduces middle schoolers to the world of journalism. Trace the history of journalism in the United States, learn how to find the information you need through research, and discover a style of writing that fits you.

Newspaper Definitions [ Profile ] - Want to know what reporters are talking about? Learn the jargon of the newspaper industry here.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting [ Profile ] - FAIR is a national media watch group which offers documented criticism of media bias and censorship in order to help the public become media activists rather than passive consumers of news.

Growing Journalists and Readers [ Profile ] - A journalist tells about helping a fifth-grade class begin a school newspaper. Includes practical tips for starting a paper.

Studentpress.org [ Profile ] - Supports high school students in their efforts to improve their publications. Their sourcebook offers great resources of importance to student journalists.

The Pulitzer Prizes [ Profile ] - Tells about the most prestigious award in the history of journalism.

New York Times Learning Network [ Profile ] - An online current and special events news site for grades 3-12; updated weekdays during the school year.

High School Journalism [ Profile ] - Presented by the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Has resources for student journalists, teachers, editors of student journalists, and guidance counselors.

Detroit Free Press' JobsPage [ Profile ] - More than just a site on journalism jobs: The Detroit Free Press covers internships, music to listen to while searching for a job, and a section for high school journalists.

YouthInk [ Profile ] - Teaches young people how to do interviews, write copy, and use HTML to publish on the web. Explores current environmental and social issues. Helps students get their writings published. Requires free registration.

High School Journalism Guide [ Profile ] - Offers writing tips from professionals in the field, geared to High School journalists. Includes finding stories, conducting interviews, effective reporting and editing strategies.

Paper Lake Times [ Profile ] - Students learn journalism through articles and quizzes, "interview" sources, write their own stories, and receive advice from working journalists.

Kev's Journalism Site [ Profile ] - Personal page by a budding teen journalist seeking work experience and help from journalists and reporters. Includes news links and a film quiz.

Silver Chips Online [ Profile ] - Online version of Montgomery Blair High School's award winning student newspaper.

Oh, The Places Journalists Should Go [ Profile ] - Offers tips on finding information on the web. Articles of interest to student journalists include where to find law information, finding data online, and writing short-writing well.

Lesson Plan: Japan Travel [ Profile ] - Features lesson plan on the country to develop students' research and informative writing skills.

Courier Mail - Headstart: Your Newspaper [ Profile ] - Learn how a newspaper is put together from news and opinion to cartoons, advertising, distribution and recycling.

The Simpson Street Free Press [ Profile ] - News articles by teens on various topics of interest, including a geography, history, and space section.

Voices of Youth Newspaper [ Profile ] - A newspaper created and maintained by Philadelphia youth ages 14 to 20. The newspaper provides an opportunity for youth to voice their opinion about issues that concern them.

Kids ThinkLink [ Profile ] - An international online magazine written by kids on topics that range from music, movies, games, technology, fashion, poems, and sports.

CRAYON: Create Your Own Newspaper [ Profile ] - Interactive guide to designing and writing a newspaper, with FAQ and step-by-step instructions.

The News: The Process Behind the Presentation [ Profile ] - A virtual tour behind the scenes of three major popular media outlets--online news, broadcast journalism and printed news. Includes the stories of those who get the news to the public.

Headliners [ Profile ] - Originally known as Children's Express, this is the UK's only news agency run by young people, providing news and comment for the local and national TV, radio, print and online media.
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Paper Lake Times - Students learn journalism through articles and quizzes, "interview" sources, write their own stories, and receive advice from working journ...