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Spider-Man in Amazing Adventures [ Profile ] - Provides a range of language arts activities based on the popular cartoon series. From the United States Department of Education.

Words at FunBrain.com [ Profile ] - All sorts of online language games help kids master everything from spelling to grammar and have fun in the process.

PrimaryGames.com Language Arts Games [ Profile ] - Created by a teacher, online games and activities review ABC's, reading, writing, and alphabetical order.

Activities to Learn English [ Profile ] - Interactive material to build vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading skills. Automatic grading with immediate feedback.

WordCentral [ Profile ] - Merriam-Webster's Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games.

Activities in English [ Profile ] - Activities and games related to grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary and proverbs.

Scramble-Saurus from Funbrain.com [ Profile ] - Improve spelling and vocabulary skills while using clues to unscramble words. Choose among easy, medium, hard, or superbrain versions.

GameGoo [ Profile ] - Fun, early educational games (pre-K through 3) based on state standards for language arts.

Literacy Rules [ Profile ] - Provides links to a visual thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, webquests, poetry and author profiles.

It's My Story! [ Profile ] - Children add details to choice of five stories. Promotes reading, writing, computer skills.

PBS Kids: Share A Story [ Profile ] - Offers tips for sharing stories, printable story sheets and video clips.

Origins of the English Language [ Profile ] - Provides an overview of the three periods of English, along with examples of the language at various points in history.

Buzzin: English [ Profile ] - Fun and interactive way to learn reading, writing, speaking and grammar. Includes animations and self-testing.

Fact Monster Homework Center: Speaking & Listening Skills [ Profile ] - How to give an oral report, how to listen, and how to conduct an interview.

Write On Reader [ Profile ] - Fifth graders created this platinum-award winning site about reading and writing for Thinkquest Jr. 2000. It includes information on making books and tips about writing from well-known authors.

A Language Museum [ Profile ] - Curious and interesting uses of the English language, including parts of speech, poems, grammar, and quotations.

Notes on American English [ Profile ] - Provides examples and explanations of spelling, vocabulary, and grammar differences between American and British English dialects.
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The German Fairytale Road - "Märchen of the Month," the story of the Grimm Brothers, student projects. Links to activities and exercises.