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Match the Leaves [ Profile ] - Help Caillou match fallen leaves by their shape.

Tracy's Nature Shapes [ Profile ] - Join Jay Jay the Jet Plane in his hunt for nature shapes.

Zoe's Great Shape Scavenger Hunt [ Profile ] - Find different shapes hidden in Hooper's store. [Java]

Little People Shapes and Colors [ Profile ] - Help Eddie color the shapes to find the hidden picture. From Fisher-Price.

Learn Your Colors and Shapes [ Profile ] - Animation introduces color and shape words.

Betty Lou Goes Skin Diving [ Profile ] - Go diving with Betty Lou and match the ocean animals to their shapes.

Kidzpage [ Profile ] - A fun way to learn shapes. Drag and drop. [Flash]

Teletubbies Shape Game [ Profile ] - Click on a Teletubby and guess what shape they make.

Colour Story [ Profile ] - Join the Teletubbies to learn colour names.

Enchanted Learning [ Profile ] - Learn colors by clicking on a color to see shades and things of that color.

Audrey Wood [ Profile ] - Print out a picture and color the shapes.

Shape Racer [ Profile ] - Drag shapes to their correct places while racing the clock.

Giraffian [ Profile ] - Shapes and colors game for young children. [Javascript]

Crocodile Smiles [ Profile ] - Teaches colors along with showing fruits and vegetables and tooth brushing.

Match Fish Colors [ Profile ] - Find which small fish matching the color of the big fish.

Lil' Fingers - Match Up [ Profile ] - Game of memory with colored shapes. [Java]

Learning Shapes With Krog [ Profile ] - Click on shape to hear Krog say the shape.

Matching Shapes With Krog 2 [ Profile ] - Learn more shapes with Krog.

Change the Color [ Profile ] - Click on the color button to see the background change.

Crayola Creativity Central [ Profile ] - Match the crayon colors crawling under the silly scribbles. [Shockwave]

Color Wonder Treasure Hunt [ Profile ] - Learn your colors with this fun game of treasure hunt. [Shockwave]

Tracy's Nature Shapes [ Profile ] - Learn shapes by finding them for Tracy.

Color Match Game! [ Profile ] - Learn your colors by playing color match with BlackDog.

Do To Learn - Colors [ Profile ] - Learn your colors by guessing what color Bud is.

Kids Online Resources [ Profile ] - Teaches shapes and colors with fun interactive games and lessons.

Color Fun [ Profile ] - Learn your basic colors and build your color recognition skills with these games.

Shape Sorter [ Profile ] - Learn your colors while playing this fun memory game.

Fun With Shapes [ Profile ] - Arrange the puzzle pieces to form a mystery picture. Puzzle pieces are shapes.

What Color Is It [ Profile ] - Online game with sound that teaches color.

Assorted Shapes [ Profile ] - Offers games and printable pages. Includes matching shapes, connect the dots, and draw and color.

Find the shapes and colors [ Profile ] - Includes sound and display of words with pictures. Fun game for children to learn colors and shapes.

Dragon Fair: Find the Shapes [ Profile ] - Search the fair to find the shape Cassie is holding.

Introduction to Line and Shape [ Profile ] - Offers rhymes and interactive games.
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Matching Shapes With Krog 2 - Learn more shapes with Krog.