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Bedtime.com [ Profile ] - Children's bedtime stories, prayers and soothing music.

Goodnight Stories [ Profile ] - Read stories, submit some of your own, or hear stories in Real Audio. Includes games and coloring pages.

What Did Toby See? [ Profile ] - Read or listen to Toby the dog's zany imagination as he and his owner look out the window.

Small Stories for Little People [ Profile ] - Cute stories for young readers.

Briana's Nursery [ Profile ] - Find nursery rhymes, fairy tales and other bedtime stories, magic fairies and fairy poems, fun songs and lullabies, a magic slate to practice writing your numbers and letters (using your mouse).

Lil' Fingers Storybooks [ Profile ] - Animated Storybooks for toddlers that contain large text and big buttons for little fingers.

BlueBear's House [ Profile ] - Read how blue bear grows his own tomatoes and bakes his own bread to make himself a lovely sandwich.

Adventures of Puff and Pooh [ Profile ] - A children's story about two stray kittens found at the SPCA animal shelter.

PBS Kids: Barney and Friends Storytime [ Profile ] - Online stories include topics on playing safely, making music and exploring trains.

Doctor Dan [ Profile ] - Join Dr. Dan and his team of animated instruments in a series of medical adventures.

Kids' Corner [ Profile ] - A number of stories by author Beatrix Potter and others.

BAB Books [ Profile ] - A site dedicated to children and children's stories.

Kidspace [ Profile ] - Cute collection of stories for children.

Jerry Muskrat [ Profile ] - Family online stories provide elementary lessons on Society, the humanities, wildlife, nature, and the environment for kids.

The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad [ Profile ] - Story about a toad and the lessons he learns. Read a little at a time or the whole story.

Tiger Aki [ Profile ] - Animated story books with or without sound. Games also available. [Flash]

Story Place [ Profile ] - Interactive story "The Perfect Pet" with sound.

Inkless Tales [ Profile ] - Collection of stories, poems, games, and tongue twisters. Also has an animated alphabet and a question-and-answer show about stars.

CBeeBies [ Profile ] - Online picture stories from the BBC featuring time-honored, traditional fairy tales.

Beantime Stories [ Profile ] - Variety of online stories available.

Bedtime-Story [ Profile ] - Variety of online stories including stories about kids and their pets, bears, friendly monsters, and their dads.

By Gosh [ Profile ] - Includes illustrated short stories for children.

Enchanted Learning [ Profile ] - Large selection of rhymes with different topics.

Magic Keys [ Profile ] - Illustrated children's books available. Some include sound and animation.

Mama Lisa [ Profile ] - Illustrated pages of nursery rhymes and hear funny sounds.

Merpy Stories [ Profile ] - Animated, interactive and musical stories.

Room 108 [ Profile ] - Variety of fun animated with sound story books. Includes games and singing activities.

Sesame Street [ Profile ] - Online stories that include your favorite Sesame Street characters.

TaleSpin [ Profile ] - Collection of stories, folktales, and poems.

Walt Disney Books [ Profile ] - Stories on your favorite Disney character or TV show.

NickJr [ Profile ] - Features narrated stories for kids. Includes Blue Clues, Max and Ruby, Maisy, Dora, and Just for Me stories.

The Snakeman [ Profile ] - Story with music about how a boy saved his school from a scary snake.

Rattic in the Attic [ Profile ] - An animated story with sound, about three racoons. Questions afterwards see how much you remember of the story.

Oobistories [ Profile ] - Read stories about a boy named Oobi and his adventures with his dog, Cannubi.

Grandpa Tucker [ Profile ] - Tales and stories including Snake Tut, BellyButton Buddy, and Eency Spider.

Amazing Adventure [ Profile ] - Read along stories includes poems and a cinema. [Flash]

Raja Thatha's Corner [ Profile ] - Collection of stories, English and Indian rhymes, and Hindu prayers in Sanskrit and English.
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The Snakeman - Story with music about how a boy saved his school from a scary snake.