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Preschool Paper Crafts [ Profile ] - Imaginative range of projects for pre-schoolers that include cutting, pasting, and folding. Many are educational as well as fun.

Crayola Crafts [ Profile ] - Extensive and regularly updated craft projects for both preschool and older children.

Enchanted Learning [ Profile ] - Large range of inspiring crafts for young children that use materials from around the house. Clear, easy to follow instructions.

Children's Crafts [ Profile ] - Crafts to do with a religious theme.

Idea Box [ Profile ] - Many enjoyable activities to choose. A new craft is added every day.

Baby Food Jar Gardens [ Profile ] - A unique craft for pre-schoolers.

2 Cool Crafts [ Profile ] - Homemade craft recipes for kids.

Crafts from Nick Jr [ Profile ] - Crafts and indoor activities for preschool aged children.

Preschool Education Arts and Crafts: Fire Safety [ Profile ] - Crafts for preschool aged children. Several ideas with a fire safety theme.

Activity Pages [ Profile ] - Offers a wide variety of crafts and activities to do.

DLTK's Favorite Friends [ Profile ] - Free printable crafts and coloring pages with Blue's Clues, Bob the Builder, and many favorites.

Crafts for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten [ Profile ] - Free printable crafts tied to theme activities and lesson plans.

Storknet: Crafts for Kids [ Profile ] - Each month a new project is featured. Preschoolers as well as kindergartners would like the felt butterflies.

Holiday Craft Activities [ Profile ] - Craft activities for all the special days, including Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Simple Crafts [ Profile ] - Recycle everyday household items into treasures, from dinosaurs to spaceships. Illustrated instructions are available for downloading.

Everything Preschool [ Profile ] - Crafts organized by themes, from all-about-me crafts to zoo projects.

Preschool Crafts [ Profile ] - Have fun with egg yolk painting, rubberband stamping, or making slime.

Crafts from Trash [ Profile ] - Try making an egg carton garden anytime of the year.

Preschool Express [ Profile ] - Craft activities organized by seasons.

Kitchen Art For Preschoolers [ Profile ] - Straw puppets and cereal necklaces are included in these crafts.

Creative Kids Crafts [ Profile ] - Have fun making binoculars, a sock frog, or a 2-liter purse. Many craft ideas shared by other mothers.

1 Stop Kids Crafts [ Profile ] - Easy step-by-step crafts for the youngest child.

Easy Puppets [ Profile ] - Ask your parent to help you make a cup marionette.
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Kitchen Art For Preschoolers - Straw puppets and cereal necklaces are included in these crafts.