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CodeRedRover [ Profile ] - Join Rover in games and home safety activities for kids to learn about preventing accidents and injuries. Presented by Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse.

Reddy's Safety Zone [ Profile ] - Reddy's Riders games teach safety on bikes, scooters, and boards. Reddy's Farm has games to learn about farm safety.

Kidd Safety [ Profile ] - Play games with Kidd Safety while learning safety tips for home and play.

Gun Safety [ Profile ] - Explores the dangers a gun can pose and tells how to avoid them.

Safer Parks [ Profile ] - Designed to help consumers learn about amusement ride safety. Safety tips and statistics come from governmental and industry sources.

McGruff.org [ Profile ] - McGruff the Crime Dog and pal, Scruff, bring ideas about kids staying safe through safety puzzles, games, and coloring pages.

Elmer the Safety Elephant [ Profile ] - Traffic, school bus, internet, and railway safety tips for kids through games, activities, and stories.

911 Safety Rage [ Profile ] - Water, hiking, and fire safety tips brought to kids through games, activities, and stories.

A Kids Eye Safety Guide [ Profile ] - An interactive guide for kids to learn how to prevent eye injury to children with safety tips and coloring pages.

Consumer Product Safety Commission [ Profile ] - Brain Busters quiz, comic book, and activities teaching home, bicycle, and outdoors safety tips for children.

FDA Kids [ Profile ] - Learn about safety with food, medicine, and animals from the Food and Drug Administration.

Safety School [ Profile ] - Take the Safety Challenge, a quiz put together to test trivia knowledge and safety skills.

New Jersey Poison Information and Education System [ Profile ] - Fun environment to educate kids of all ages on health, safety and environmental concerns like, carbon monoxide and lead poisoning.

Safety Bear Coloring Book [ Profile ] - Features printable coloring pages for kids on safety at home, school, and playing outside.

Kids Stuff Let's Play it Safe [ Profile ] - Features lessons on safety along with information about the police and fire departments, safety events and important tips and tricks. Coloring pages and activities.

Texas Fireworks Safety [ Profile ] - Promotes the safe and proper use of fireworks. Teaches children and teens the importance of safe use and adult supervision.

National Council on Fireworks Safety [ Profile ] - Fireworks safety tips and information to help ensure the safe use of fireworks in the United States.

National Capital Poison Center [ Profile ] - Teaches kids and teens about household poisons, chemicals, and dangerous plants. Poison prevention, first aid, and information for what to do in case of emergency.

I'm Safe Network [ Profile ] - Dedicated to providing information to children so they make smart choices and avoid unintentional injury. Games, activities, and coloring pages teaching safety.

Kids Buckle Up [ Profile ] - Encourages kids to buckle up through games, driving range, activities, and coloring pages.

Earthquake Preparedness Handbook [ Profile ] - Los Angeles Fire Department features guide with information on how to prepare for and stay safe during an earthquake.

Victoria State Emergency Service Kids Corner [ Profile ] - Teaches kids about safety and emergencies through games, activities, and coloring pages.

Smarty Electric Safety [ Profile ] - Smarty the Dog coloring pages offering safety tips related to electricity and power utilities.

It's Our House Too [ Profile ] - A virtual journey through a room as two characters point out various hazards and safety items.

Window Safety Activity Book [ Profile ] - Activity and coloring book telling kids how to be safe around windows, from the National Safety Council.

Help Keep Kids Safe [ Profile ] - Offers safety tips and statistics for children and teens on topics ranging from firearms to food. Also includes games, contests, and a guide for parents and teachers.

Electrical Safety World [ Profile ] - All about how to be safe around electricity.

Smartrisk: Youth [ Profile ] - Canadian organization offering programs in peer leadership and sensible risk-taking in sports and recreation. Includes photographs, articles and stories from participants.

LAFD.- Safety City [ Profile ] - Learn about youth safety programs, what to do during an emergency, and water safety from the city of Los Angeles.

Learn About Chemicals Around the House [ Profile ] - Join in on a house tour to learn about chemicals, poisons, and dangers in the home.

Poison Prevention Website [ Profile ] - Games, pages, and simple text help kids learn what poisons are and how to avoid them. Second section of web site provides resources for adults. From the Internet Public Library.

Power Discovery Zone [ Profile ] - Teaches kids about safety and electricity through games, activities, and quizzes. Explains dangers around the home, at school and in storms. [Requires Flash]

Safety House [ Profile ] - Designed by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center to help parents, grandparents, and children recognize and avoid household hazards.

Florida Children's Safety Center [ Profile ] - Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.

Kitchen Safety For Young Kids [ Profile ] - Information and tips to protect children in the kitchen from the oven, microwave, and appliances.

Public Safety Kids [ Profile ] - Features games and activities teaching safety tips for home, school, and playing outdoors. From the Ohio Department of Public Safety. [Requires free Shockwave plugin.]

Injury Prevention - For Kids [ Profile ] - All sorts of animated safety information for kids. Includes tips for sports, water, playgrounds, home, streets, fun in the sun, winter weather, and other activities.

Working Safely: Advice For Teens [ Profile ] - Answers questions about risks, hazards, what jobs teens can't have by law, how many work hours are legal, and rights and responsibilities.

Protecting the Health and Safety of Working Teenagers [ Profile ] - Explains common hazards, benefits and risks, prohibited jobs, permitted work hours, how doctors help, and legal rights.

Twinkle & Eyenstein's Wise Eye Web [ Profile ] - Learn about eye safety, eye science, and the prevention of blindness. Includes optical illusions, guide to dog guides, and coloring pages.

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids [ Profile ] - Learn about preventing farm-related childhood injuries through games, activities, and coloring pages.

Playing It Safe on Halloween [ Profile ] - KidsHealth tells how to see and be seen, why your costume shouldn't be too long, how to know what houses to visit, and why an adult should check your candy.

Being Safe in the Kitchen [ Profile ] - KidsHealth tips include having an adult assistant, how to protect clothes, ways to keep germs out of food, and how to avoid burns and spills.

Computers Can Be a Real Pain [ Profile ] - Find out how using computers can cause pain. Learn the best way to sit, type, use a mouse, and when to take breaks. From KidsHealth.

Amby's Fun and Learning [ Profile ] - Activity coloring book for kids to learn safety at home, school, and while playing.

Freedom Knot [ Profile ] - Learn a new, safe way to tie shoes with music, dance, and free games. [Requires free Flash download.]

Disaster Preparedness [ Profile ] - Download this coloring book and learn how to keep safe in a fire, hurricane, flood, or earthquake.

How Smart Are You About Cosmetics? [ Profile ] - Try this quiz from the Food and Drug Administration, and learn about using eye products safely, risks from temporary tattoos, what ingredients are not allowed, and what hypoallergenic really means.

McGruff and Scruff Drug and Violence Prevention Story and Activity Website [ Profile ] - Read stories, take a quiz, and learn how to think smart and be safe.

Ready Kids [ Profile ] - Learn how to make an emergency supply kit, create an escape plan, and what to do in tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or floods. Take a quiz and get a graduation certificate.

Five Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries [ Profile ] - Explains five steps to help kids be safe playing sports. Learn what RICE means when treating an injury.

Safe A Rooni [ Profile ] - Go on a scavenger hunt safari and learn about safety. Includes buckling up, what to do if there is a fire, being safe around water and around the house, and exercising safely.

Kid Tips 101 [ Profile ] - Promotes child safety by teaching kids the tricks bad guys use and how to beat them.
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