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Got-milk.com [ Profile ] - Gives kids a fun way to learn about nutrition and the importance of milk and dairy products as they grow. Features milk recipes and games.

Apple Juice [ Profile ] - Play games, send holiday cards, and learn about drinking healthy beverages and juices.

Nutrition Cafe [ Profile ] - Be a Nutrition Sleuth, play the Grab-a-Grape game or build a meal in the Have-a-Bite Cafe. [Optional Flash version]

Burger Town [ Profile ] - A safe site for kids with kid-created beef recipes, nutrition fun facts, and quizzes and information on food safety and fitness.

FDA Center For Food Safety and Nutrition [ Profile ] - Healthy eating and food safety coloring pages, games, activities, songs, and quizzes for kids.

Kids Central [ Profile ] - Fun facts, games, recipes, and coloring pages featuring the avocado fruit.

Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls [ Profile ] - Fun games, quizzes, ideas, and tips on what foods have calcium and what activities are good for bones and the body.

Chiquita Kids [ Profile ] - Teaches kids to energize, maximize, and Chiquitaize with information on health, nutrition, sports, and games.

Nutrition For Kids [ Profile ] - Helps kids teach themselves about proper nutrition, healthier foods, and having a healthy body through an interactive game.

Fun With Food [ Profile ] - Helps children discover good nutrition through fun coloring picture, song, and recipes.

Sunkist Kids - Games, Experiments and Citrus Recipes [ Profile ] - Features coloring page, crossword puzzle, games, and fun facts about citrus fruits.

Fantastifood Fables [ Profile ] - Come with a brother and sister as they help save the land of Fantastifood from the Junk Food Junkies in this online fantasy fable for kids.

Ready, Set, Breakfast [ Profile ] - Tells why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

All About What Vitamins and Minerals Do [ Profile ] - Explains how substances like vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, calcium, and iron work in the human body.

The Food Guide Pyramid [ Profile ] - Explains how the pyramid is used to show the foods that make up a good diet.

Is Dieting OK for Kids? [ Profile ] - Explores what types of dieting are--and arent't--safe. Also includes tips for losing weight in a healthy fashion.

All About Apples [ Profile ] - About the science and production of apples, apple trees, and their healthy qualities.

Why Drinking Water Is the Way to Go [ Profile ] - Explains what water does for the human body.

Figuring out Food Labels [ Profile ] - Explains how the label on a food package is a lot like the table of contents in a book, telling exactly what the food contains.

The Popcorn Board [ Profile ] - Trace the history, learn geography, and play games featuring popcorn as a healthy snack.

Food Students [ Profile ] - Offers information about food production, nutrition, and biotechnology. Includes puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and encyclopedia of terms. [English and German]

Initial Catering Coolmeals [ Profile ] - Features food facts, activities, and virtual body lab.

The Fruit Pages [ Profile ] - Educational fruit information, including ten reason to eat fruit, the fruit alphabet, and a newsletter.

Nutrition Explorations [ Profile ] - Join Berry and the gang from The Pyramid Cafe to learn about building a healthy body. Features games, coloring pages, recipes, contest, and kids panel.

Dole 5 A Day [ Profile ] - Fun games, puzzles, songs, and coloring book about fruits and vegetables.

My School Lunch [ Profile ] - Provides nutritional information about school lunches. Includes a description of how the meals are cooked, what is on the menu, and games.

Kidnetic.com [ Profile ] - Offers interactive games, recipes, and tips for healthy eating and living.

California Strawberryville [ Profile ] - Offers strawberry related clubs for kids, stories, strawwordy searches, painting lessons, recipes, and games.

Mix it with Milk [ Profile ] - Explains the nutritional value of milk, with the milk mustache hall of fame, celebrities, contests, and cooking with milk.

Where's the Beef ? [ Profile ] - A project by schoolchildren explains farming, types of cattle, breeds, digestion, and products. Also discusses how mad cow disease has affected the world and gives some solutions to the problem.

Linking Education Activity and Food [ Profile ] - Includes information and newsletters from a program running in several US school districts to improve student health and fitness. Also provides nutrition and exercise facts, news and links to further education.

Wrigley's World of Gum [ Profile ] - Explains how gum is made, what goes into it, and about its history together with fun facts and FAQ.

Florida Citrus Land [ Profile ] - Games for kids, food pyramid, introduction to citrus fruits, coloring pages, and recipes from The Florida Department of Citrus.

Food and Nutrition [ Profile ] - Facts about food, body weight, and special diets for those with allergies or disease. Includes recipes and information about how to read them.

Eaten Alive: The Journey of a Biomolecule [ Profile ] - Includes biographies for biomolecules, recycling, and a virtual journey through the digestive tract.

Scintro - Fruit Book [ Profile ] - Encyclopedia about fruits. Learn about the botanical facts, health benefits, varieties, cooking uses, storage ideas and nutrition chart. Includes photos.

ThinkQuest: Nutrition On the Web [ Profile ] - Learn about world nutrition, exercise, and common health myths. Use the diet planner or take a food quiz. (English, Spanish, and German)

Tiki's Guide to Food [ Profile ] - Tiki the Penguin examines what food is, where it comes from, what's good, and what's bad.

Kids Cube [ Profile ] - Learn new recipes, try science projects for school, play games, and color pages.

Vegetarianism in Teens [ Profile ] - Discusses types of vegetarians, why teens choose this diet, the health benefits, and getting enough nutrition.

IFIC.org for Students [ Profile ] - International Food Information Council provides brochures and booklets, reviews, Qs and As, and fact sheets on nutrition topics. Includes information on sweeteners, pesticides, caffeine, allergies, and antioxidants.

Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers [ Profile ] - Explains the importance of variety to a healthy diet; getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals; and quick foods. Includes recipes and a game.

Wellness 101 [ Profile ] - Educational program focusing on nutrition, fitness, and overweight prevention for young women ages 12 to 20. Includes exercises to stretch and tone, quizzes, nutrition guides, and FAQs.

Becoming A Teen Vegetarian [ Profile ] - Discusses types of vegetarian diets, concerns about missing nutrients, and how to balance nutrition without adding eggs, dairy, or meat.

Are Detox Diets Safe? [ Profile ] - Explains what they are, how they work, the benefits, what to watch out for, and who should not try them.

Foodskool [ Profile ] - Visit a virtual West Cork village and learn about food. Includes the food pyramid and food labels, facts from around the world, movies about how foods are made, and games and puzzles. [Requires free Flash download.]

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens [ Profile ] - Offers information about how to fuel the body for energy and health. Includes carbohydrates, proteins, good and bad fats, and sample menus.

Empowered Kidz: The Power of Healthy Eating [ Profile ] - Offers information, resources and activities for kids 5 to 17 on healthy eating, dieting, body image, and eating disorders. Includes surveys and quizzes.

Mission Nutrition [ Profile ] - Interactive game to help kids test what they know about healthy foods.

Milk Matters for Kids [ Profile ] - Learn why milk is important with games, puzzles, mazes, and stories. Download a coloring book or a booklet with meal and snack ideas. (Downloads require Adobe Reader.)

Dole 5 A Day [ Profile ] - Learn the importance of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Includes recipes for kids to try.

The Brain Eater [ Profile ] - About the scientific research that linked "mad cow disease" to a related brain disease in humans. With food safety tips and a debate about the existence of prions, a possible new type of infectious agent.

Food and Nutrition Solutions [ Profile ] - Explains proper food preparation techniques, discusses ways that food is preserved, the nutrition of various foods, and how to safely store food.
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Is Dieting OK for Kids? - Explores what types of dieting are--and arent't--safe. Also includes tips for losing weight in a healthy fashion.