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Going Back to School [ Profile ] - Suggestions for dealing with the back-to-school blues and the first-day nervousness.

The Real Deal on Repeating a Grade [ Profile ] - Examines the many reasons someone may have to repeat a grade and suggests ways to cope with the situation.

What to Do When You Don't Like School [ Profile ] - Everyone has a bad day at school once in a while, but if you really hate going to school, there are some things you can do.

When It's Just You After School [ Profile ] - Alone after school? This article talks about how to stay safe and what to do when you're lonely.

Homework Help [ Profile ] - Short article explains why homework is important and how kids can successfully complete it.

Connecting With Your Coach [ Profile ] - Tips help athletes develop strong relationships with their coaches so they may get the most out of their chosen sports.

Extracurricular Excitement [ Profile ] - Article provides the basics and benefits of getting involved in extracurricular activities.

For Whom the School Bell Tolls [ Profile ] - Short guide helps young people move past the first day jitters, make new friends, and get into the swing of the school year.

Getting Along With Your Teachers [ Profile ] - Identifies common problems between teachers and students, and provides tips for developing positive relationships. Also tells what to do if a teacher becomes abusive.

Going to College [ Profile ] - Helps first-time students prepare to cope with college.

How to Make Homework Less Work [ Profile ] - Practical suggestions for setting up a work space, organizing a schedule, and getting necessary studying done.

Keeping Your Cool Under Prom Pressure [ Profile ] - Examines the many pressures that accompany the big night and provides tips for dealing with them.

Life After High School [ Profile ] - Provides practical tips for teens who are deciding what to do after graduation.

Should You Worry About School Violence? [ Profile ] - Addresses legitimate concerns about school violence and provides ways young people can help to ensure that their school remains safe.

Someone at School Has a Weapon - What Should I Do? [ Profile ] - Short article provides practical steps that young people can take to make their schools safer.

Learning Styles [ Profile ] - Advice on identifying your learning styles (or preferences) and using this information to enhance learning.

KidsHealth: How Cliques Make Kids Feel Left Out [ Profile ] - Learn what they are, why kids get into them, what it feels like from the outside, and what can be done.
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Going Back to School - Suggestions for dealing with the back-to-school blues and the first-day nervousness.