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Kids Health: Dealing with Peer Pressure [ Profile ] - Explains what peer pressure is, why people give in, and how you can walk away.

Peer Pressure - It Isn't All Bad [ Profile ] - A teenager asks whether it's O.K. to "go along with your friends" at least some of the time. From About.com.

Peer Pressure and Choices [ Profile ] - Describes how to think for yourself, in a world where everyone else wants to do it for you. Focuses on drug and alcohol use.

Sex on the Brain: Peer Pressure [ Profile ] - Describes how to handle peer pressure or date pressure when dealing with sex.

Peer Pressure: The Good & the Bad [ Profile ] - Offers advice and information.

What Does the Bible Say to You? [ Profile ] - Read passages from the Bible about peer pressure and trying to fit in.
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Peer Pressure: The Good & the Bad - Offers advice and information.