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Bullies and Bullying [ Profile ] - A look at what makes people bullies, how they pick their victims, and how to deal with them.

Dealing With Bullies [ Profile ] - Find out why bullies act the way they do and how to stop them from picking on you.

Bullying at School [ Profile ] - Advice for brothers, sisters and friends on how to stop bullying of someone close to you.

What's Bullying [ Profile ] - Information on bullying and what to do if you or a friend is being bullied.

Young People, Children and Bullying [ Profile ] - Discusses who gets bullied, what to do, and who to tell.

Sort it!: Bullying [ Profile ] - Explains some of the types of bullying, how it feels to be bullied, why bullies do it, and how to stop bullying.

Bullying Online: Pupil Problems [ Profile ] - Read questions on bullying from real kids, and answers from the experts at Bullying Online.

Let's Stop Bullying: Advice for Young People [ Profile ] - Explains what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied, and how to get help.

Don't Suffer in Silence [ Profile ] - Clear instructions on what to do if someone bullies you.

Bullying.org [ Profile ] - Includes many stories, poems, and drawings.

School Bully Online [ Profile ] - Offers advice and suggestions for dealing with bullying in various situations, plus related links.

Bully Web [ Profile ] - Anti-Bullying events for young people by young people. Strategies to tackle the bully and bullying itself.

Anti Bullying Network [ Profile ] - Information for young people, parents and teachers on tackling bullying within schools.

Bristol Antie-Bully [ Profile ] - Resources for victims of school bullying including links and phone numbers of child hotlines.

The Red Balloon Learner Centre [ Profile ] - Includes advice, letters and stories for those who are being bullied.

Bullying Online: Advice to Pupils [ Profile ] - Tells what bullying is, what to do in school or on the bus and how to handle threats on your cell phone or the internet. Includes email and youth services numbers in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Peer Abuse Know More [ Profile ] - A site that gives the signs, symptoms, theories and treatment suggestions for children in school and adults in the workplace. Deals with bullying and abuse among teens.

No Bully [ Profile ] - Explains what bullying is, why kids do it, why some kids get bullied, and what to do. Includes where to find help in New Zealand, and a 24-hour helpline number.

Bully Sandpit [ Profile ] - An online true or false quiz about bullying, and an outline for addressing bullying in your school. Includes a list of related reading material and the results of studies.

Anti Bully Buddies [ Profile ] - Supportive network set up by victims of bullying to aid and support others in similar situations. Includes advice and links to other resources.

Bullying. No way! [ Profile ] - Resource in Australia to assist students and teachers to make informed responses to bullying and harassment in the school environment.

Stop Bullying Now! [ Profile ] - US Department of Health and Human Services offers flash movies, games, and information about bullying and how to prevent it.

Kids Against Bullying [ Profile ] - Learn about how to respond to bullying by participating in games, viewing webisodes, and listening to real life stories.

Bullystop [ Profile ] - Advice, support, and help for the targets of bullying, students and bullies, mainly in the Fenland, UK area. Includes links to more information and help line numbers.
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Bullying.org - Includes many stories, poems, and drawings.