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Headroom: Cubby House [ Profile ] - Learn what mental health is and how things like bullying and stress affect your feelings. Play games and puzzles. [Games require free Flash download.]

Headroom: Lounge [ Profile ] - Find information on a range of mental health issues, chat with other teenagers, and view the photo gallery.

Headspace.org: Young People [ Profile ] - Explains what mental health is, how to handle stress and information on problems like depression, self-harming, and eating disorders. Includes links to health agencies and Youthline in Auckland, New Zealand.

Youthline [ Profile ] - Free New Zealand youth helpline for kids and teens ages 12 and up. Includes helping ideas, stories, FAQs, information, resources and map of Youthline Centres locations.

Helping Kids Grow [ Profile ] - The kids and teens on George Street teach about handling bullies, making friends, moving to a new school, homework problems and respecting other people.

Talking About Your Feelings [ Profile ] - Learn more about how to talk to parents and other adults about how you feel about things.

What Kids Say About: Worrying [ Profile ] - Find out what worry means and the top eight things kids ages 9 to 13 worry about.

Adolescent Mental Health [ Profile ] - Articles on peer pressure, self-esteem, bullying, and other aspects of adolescence.

For Teens Only: Balancing Lifestyle Changes [ Profile ] - Advice includes handling emotional, physical, intellectual, and social growth out of childhood toward adulthood.

GravityTeen [ Profile ] - Personal stories from teens about self-esteem, pregnancy, abortion, and drugs. Includes inspirational thoughts and quotes.

MindZone [ Profile ] - Information on assessing personal strengths, learning to recognize warning signs, and facts about mental health disorders.

Feeling Fried [ Profile ] - From GirlZone, take this quiz and learn if you have trouble saying what you think and what's on your mind. Offer tips for wimpettes, u-go-girls, and wombats.

Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along [ Profile ] - It's not easy to get along. Help Maria and her friends solve their problems peacefully.

The Story on Self-esteem [ Profile ] - Explains why self-esteem is so important, how kids get it, and what kids who have low self-esteem can do.

Welcoming a New Baby Into Your Family [ Profile ] - Tells what to expect before the baby comes, who this new person is, and when happens the baby comes home.

What Kids Who Are Moving Should Do [ Profile ] - Moving isn't easy for anyone. Scared, excited, and angry are just a few of the feelings kids may have about moving.

What's Normal?: Overcoming Obstacles and Stereotypes [ Profile ] - Companion to the PBS broadcast explores the meaning of "normal" by introducing stories of teens who live with social or physical challenges and work to defy stereotypes.

You Are a Special Person [ Profile ] - Tips on how to enjoy relationships with family and friends.

Cyber Knowledge and Emotion [ Profile ] - Take a ride on the E. Motion Express and explore your feelings through interactive stories and games.

Why Do We Get Nervous? [ Profile ] - Explains why kids feel anxious sometimes and tells what a phobia is.

Going to a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Therapist [ Profile ] - What's it like to go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist? Learn why kids go and what kinds of things they do when they're there.

Psychotherapy [ Profile ] - Encyclopedia.com article about what psychotherapy is.

Teens and Therapy [ Profile ] - Answers common questions that teenagers have about psychotherapy.

YouthLine [ Profile ] - Offers free and confidential information, advice and counselling to young people under 25 in and around Bracknell, Berkshire, UK.

Watch Your Mouth [ Profile ] - Interactive quiz helps young people discover if they're saying things to themselves that they wouldn't say to anyone else in the world.

Why Am I In Family Therapy? [ Profile ] - Explains family therapy to children and teens.

Wanna Bet? [ Profile ] - A magazine for kids about the dangers of gambling.

Nightmares [ Profile ] - Tells what nightmares are, why people have them, and what to do about them.

ROAR [ Profile ] - Offers programs to help disadvantaged youth in Victoria and Tasmania, Australia. Includes role models, finding inspiration, support links, and information about sex and sexual abuse.

Moozie [ Profile ] - Meet Moozie the Cow and learn about kindness. Play games and puzzles, color pages or share a picture, help Moozie write a story, and see pictures of the farm.

Dealing With Feelings [ Profile ] - Confused, sad, mad, glad? Learn about these emotions and how to deal with them.

Embrace The Future [ Profile ] - Young Australians' Mental Health and WellBeing program. Includes mental health problems, youth issues, where to get help and upcoming events.

Students [ Profile ] - Information for youth on mental health, includes myths, warning signs, stigma, FAQs, and how to get involved. From the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

Self-esteem [ Profile ] - Find out what high and low self-esteem look like. Learn how people get low self-esteem and what to do.

Counselling [ Profile ] - Learn what counselling does, what kinds of counsellors there are, why use a counsellor, and different types of counselling.

Shyness - Are You Shy? [ Profile ] - Learn what it is, how people become shy, what it feels like, good things about being shy, and how to become more confident.
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Self-esteem - Find out what high and low self-esteem look like. Learn how people get low self-esteem and what to do.