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KidsHealth: Someone I Know Is Hyperactive [ Profile ] - Article explains what ADHD is, who gets it, what the symptoms are, and how it can be treated.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Teenagers [ Profile ] - A psychologist explains ADHD, its causes, effects and treatment. Also provides tips for living with the disorder.

Kid's Chapter: Hey, What is this ADD Thing, Anyway? [ Profile ] - Chapter aimed at kids from an e-book. Explains what happens in the ADD brain, and how to deal with it.

OK, I Have ADHD, but Does Mom Have it Too? [ Profile ] - Describes what it's like to have a parent who also has ADHD.

50 (or so) Great Things About Having ADD [ Profile ] - Focus on the more positive aspects of this disorder, including energy, persistence, and tolerance for chaos.

TeensHealth: ADHD and ADD [ Profile ] - Article about what it is, signs and symptoms, causes, treatments, and how to cope.

Child and Youth Health: If Your Friend Has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) [ Profile ] - Learn what it is, the problems it causes, what parents and friends can do, medicines that help and tips from kids.

Child and Youth Health: ADHD - What Is It? [ Profile ] - Learn symptoms and signs, causes and triggers, and how it is diagnosed.

Young ADD and ADHD People Matter [ Profile ] - A teen shares thoughts and poems about living with ADD as well as a wealth of information about the condition.

Teenagers and ADHD [ Profile ] - Offers tips for coping with attention deficit disorders. Includes getting organized, reminders, books, and organizations.

ADDmirableTeens [ Profile ] - Support for teen sufferers includes messages, chat, and photos. [Free membership required to post.]

A Kid in My Class Has ADHD [ Profile ] - Describes what it is, what to do and not do, and good things about ADHD.
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Child and Youth Health: ADHD - What Is It? - Learn symptoms and signs, causes and triggers, and how it is diagnosed.