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HeadLice.Org For Kids [ Profile ] - Information and activities for kids presented by kids. Learn about head lice, their life cycle, and what they do.

Environmental Diseases from A to Z [ Profile ] - Explores how air, water, sun, dust, plants, animals, chemicals, and metals can make people sick.

The Deadly Bugs of War [ Profile ] - Provides information about anthrax, botulinum toxin, plague, smallpox, and tularemia. Includes symptoms of exposure, vaccines, and treatments.

Taryn's World: About Switches [ Profile ] - A kids guide to genetic disorders with stories, art gallery, and picture book to learn about what happens when switches in the body just don't work.

World ACM Foundation [ Profile ] - A comprehensive site dealing with Arnold Chiari Malformation, in adults and teens.

Garfield Star Sleeper [ Profile ] - Learn about the importance of getting enough sleep. Download a fun pad or video, play games, and create Garfield comic strips. [Requires free Flash download]

The Bearable Times Kids and Teens Club [ Profile ] - The Children's Hospital Network for children in the hospital or who have disabilities.

Your Genes, Your Health [ Profile ] - A multimedia guide to genetic, inherited disorders, and Fragile X syndrome.

TeensHealth: Infections [ Profile ] - Articles about infections that teens can get, with information about how they're spread, signs and symptoms, when to go to the doctor, and prevention.

Salamanders Young Burn Survivors [ Profile ] - Presents personal accounts of burn injuries, as well as facts and figures and an opportunity to share experiences.

KidsHealth: Obesity [ Profile ] - Article provides information and tips for dealing with the problem of being overweight.

The Able Crew [ Profile ] - Fun activities and information about disabilities to teach awareness and help children build self-esteem. Includes puzzles, games, coloring books and illusions.

A-Z of Children's Ailments [ Profile ] - Alphabetic list of children's diseases, compiled by the BBC.

Tuberculosis - The Forgotten Killer [ Profile ] - Created by a team from a Singapore secondary school, and presenting facts about this infectious disease using interactive features and animations.

Transplant Kids [ Profile ] - Information on the process, from assessment through surgery. Includes sections on infection, rejection and life after transplant.

TeensHealth: Hepatitis [ Profile ] - Includes what it is, the different types, signs and symptoms, and how to protect against this disease.

KidsHealth: The Scoop on Strep Throat [ Profile ] - Tells what it is, how you get it, what the doctor does, and how to get better.

What I need to know about Liver Transplantation [ Profile ] - Explains why people need transplants, what happens during surgery, and how to keep the new liver healthy.

Bandaides & Blackboards: Kids [ Profile ] - Read stories, get tips about teasing, and take a hospital tour. Learn fun things to do in the hospital and how the body works.

Kids First for Health [ Profile ] - Learn about illnesses, tests and treatments, look up words in the dictionary, read about the hospital and play games in the club.

Teens First for Health [ Profile ] - Learn about illnesses, allergies and disabilities. Sections on the teen body, ask a doctor, share stories and check out the games.

Kids E.N.T.: Just for Kids [ Profile ] - Learn about your ears, nose, and throat. Watch movies about having your tonsils out or getting tubes in your ears. [Movies require free Adobe, Flash, and Windows Media downloads.]

KidsHealth: Laryngitis [ Profile ] - Find out how the voice works and why it sometimes doesn't.

Disability Info: Pervasive Developmental Disorders [ Profile ] - Offers information on these disorders in general and each of the five types specifically.

Health Information [ Profile ] - Collection of articles help children and their families understand basic medical conditions, tests, and procedures. Also includes a guide to home care and wellness. From the Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati.

The Facts About Fractures and Broken Bones [ Profile ] - Learn about different types of fractures, what happens to the bone, how the doctor helps, and when the cast comes off.

Rabies Web Site for Kids [ Profile ] - Learn about this serious disease, what causes it, who gets it, and how to prevent it. Includes warning signs, vaccinations, and activities.

Dr Pedi: Common Illnesses [ Profile ] - Dr Pedi tells about some common ways kids get sick or hurt. Learn about fever, head lice, cuts and scrapes, and measles.

Living With Artificial Limbs [ Profile ] - Interviews with three people who have lost an arm or leg. Learn how they feel and how they dealt with the loss. Also see pictures of artificial limbs from past to present.

Scurvy Isn't Cool [ Profile ] - Explains why teenagers are at risk, signs and symptoms, and why vitamin C is important. Includes pictures, history of the disease, and quotes from teens.

Turner Syndrome [ Profile ] - Learn more about what it is, how doctors diagnose TS, symptoms, and treatment.
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