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How to Handle Abuse [ Profile ] - Hitting, grabbing, and yelling can all be kinds of abuse. This site talks about what abuse is and what to do about it.

TeensHealth: Abuse [ Profile ] - Explains how to recognize symptoms of abuse, identifies long-term effects, and tells where to get help.

TeensHealth: Abusive Relationships [ Profile ] - Explains what abuse is, signs that you or a friend are being abused, and how to get help.

Stephanie's Safe Haven: What is Abuse? [ Profile ] - The definition of abuse, from several sources.

Love Our Children USA [ Profile ] - Information for kids and teens on recognizing and reporting child abuse. Includes national hotlines for a number of protective agencies.

What Kids and Teens Need to Know About Child Abuse [ Profile ] - Explains several types of abuse, and provides a toll-free abuse hotline.

Help For Kids [ Profile ] - Designed by a kid for kids dealing with emotional abuse and/or bullying. Explains why some people abuse others, why it is wrong, and how to overcome it. Includes links to other places to go for help

Children's Refuge [ Profile ] - Offers a place to play, learn, tell jokes, chat with peers (monitored), links to safe sites, downloadable online games, and the option to ask for help and report child abuse.

The Hideout [ Profile ] - Learn what domestic violence is, how to help a friend, how to understand your feelings and what you can do. [UK hotline numbers]

Speers Society: For Teens [ Profile ] - Provides information, for the victim and the abuser, about preventing abusive relationships. Includes what abuse is, different types, warning signs, support tips, and special problems for teens.

ChildHelpUSA: Kids Only [ Profile ] - Identifies common types of abuse and provides a 24-hour hotline for children and teens who are being abused.
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TeensHealth: Abusive Relationships - Explains what abuse is, signs that you or a friend are being abused, and how to get help.