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Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation: Jigsaw Puzzles [ Profile ] - Jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, battling ships game, the peg game and Simon Says. New jigsaw puzzles are added daily.

Jigsaw Puzzles by Jude Fernando [ Profile ] - Free use of jigsaw puzzle gaming, with picture puzzles including lily pads, deserts, fish, and meadows.

Puzz.com [ Profile ] - Analogies, IQ tests, trivia, puzzles, contests and games for all ages.

American Sign Language Crossword [ Profile ] - Use your knowledge of the signed alphabet to recognize the words needed to complete the puzzle.

Peach's Puzzle Page [ Profile ] - Includes Siamese Crosswords, Tetris Block Puzzles, Ring-A-Round Word Puzzles, and other innovative puzzle ideas.

American Sign Language Alphabet Word Search [ Profile ] - Test your American Sign Language alphabet recognition with this printable Word Search puzzle.

John's Word Search Puzzles [ Profile ] - Printable puzzles that pertain to holidays, cities, states, sports, movies, and other general topics.

The U.S. Mint's Games for Kids [ Profile ] - Join in the fun and games that can be had with coins.

Puzzles 4 Kids [ Profile ] - Contains online and off-line puzzles for children to do. Appropriate for ages 5-11.

Rubik's Puzzles [ Profile ] - A collection of puzzles by Erno Rubik, creator of the Rubik's Cube.

Discovery School's Puzzlemaker [ Profile ] - Hand drawn mazes in various shapes, including animals and holiday themes, to print and solve.

MazeWorks - Java Games and Puzzles [ Profile ] - Online playable puzzles and games written in Java, and an interesting maze generator program.

Maze Maker [ Profile ] - Features an online computer program that makes custom mazes, in sizes you specify, to print and solve.

Rubik's Online [ Profile ] - The official Rubik's site provides forum, online cube and games, contests, and history.

Mazoons: Mazes and Cartoons [ Profile ] - Contains a combination of mazes and cartoons. Each Mazoon is a maze that you can print and solve.

PopCap Games [ Profile ] - Online playable java games, as well as games to download. Includes the Mummy Maze (play online) and Mummy Maze Deluxe (download and play).

Meera's Fun Page [ Profile ] - Jokes, riddles, puzzles, mysteries and wise thoughts.

Click Mazes [ Profile ] - Interactive puzzles and mazes to play online (Java). Also included in special galleries are many hand drawn mazes of the "print and solve" variety.

Mark Michell's Site [ Profile ] - Pentominoes Page: Making a set of pentominoes from the smallest possible rectangle (a mathematical problem). Mazes Page: Mazes in the shapes of many common names. Hearts Page: Mathematical questions and answers about the card game Hearts.

Puzzle Choice [ Profile ] - Features printable and interactive puzzles, mazes, games, crosswords, wordsearches and wordplay.

Mazes [ Profile ] - Offers a variety of printable mazes ranging from easy to very difficult.

Kool Kids [ Profile ] - Includes links, puzzles and jokes.

Brain Teasers [ Profile ] - Includes brain teasers, riddles, paradoxes and optical illusions.

Kids R Crafty [ Profile ] - A selection of printable mazes for different ages.

Boeing Mazes [ Profile ] - Two printable mazes with solutions.

Maze Games [ Profile ] - A collection of printable mazes.

ABC Teach [ Profile ] - Different shaped mazes which can be printed.

Cartoon Critters [ Profile ] - A collection of mazes based on animals, toys, and television.

Reindeer Games [ Profile ] - Three Christmas themed mazes.

Berenstain Bears [ Profile ] - Two printable mazes.

Felix's Games [ Profile ] - Offers educational activities, puzzles, and downloadable games.

Free Kids Games [ Profile ] - Offers games, puzzles, jigsaws, coloring pages, jokes and songs.

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries [ Profile ] - Solve fun and challenging mysteries, learn a magic trick, and enter a mystery writing contest.

Syvum Family Fun Zone [ Profile ] - Educational site offers brain teasers, interactive quizzes, stories, and proverbs for the entire family.

Wild Wicked Winifred [ Profile ] - Join in the adventures of Wild Wicked Winifred and her crew hunting for buried treasure and playing tricks on the villains who want her secret recipe for Pirate Plum Duff.

Bits 'n Things [ Profile ] - Puzzles, mazes, and optical illusions.
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Cartoon Critters - A collection of mazes based on animals, toys, and television.