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Sherlock's Mystery Maze [ Profile ] - Provides three mazes with different difficulty levels. The aim is to control a ball using the mouse and to move it across the mazes. Requires the Shockwave plugin.

Startdl Puzzles [ Profile ] - Contains word and number games, logic puzzles, and anagrams. Includes a section just for kids.

PrimaryGames.com Puzzles [ Profile ] - This site has word searches, sliders, matching games, tic tac toe, simon says, and mazes.

Puzzle Depot [ Profile ] - A listing of puzzles available on the site, with many links to other puzzle sites.

Random Maze Game [ Profile ] - Generates random Flash mazes.

World Village [ Profile ] - There are lots of exciting word searches on this site that are easy enough yet challenging for kids.

3D Mazes in Java [ Profile ] - Generate, view, and solve mazes displayed in 3D-generated isometric view. [Java required]

Interactive Puzzles [ Profile ] - Fun mixed up web puzzles that will make you think.

SolvePuzzles.com [ Profile ] - A collection of flash based puzzles, including "Dog Bones" and "The Shell Game".

The Pegs Game [ Profile ] - The aim of the game is to eliminate as many pegs as possible, by jumping them into empty spaces.

Raindrop [ Profile ] - A maze controlled by the keyboard, available in three difficulties.

Fun Match Memory Game [ Profile ] - Test your memory with this great game. Features four difficulty levels and ten themes to choose from.

Games from Athropolis [ Profile ] - Provides crossword and jigsaw puzzles, an archaeology game, and snowball entertainment.

Kids' Turn Central [ Profile ] - Offers games, crafts, coloring pages, clip art and seasonal content.

Toy Theater [ Profile ] - Includes games, puzzles, and interactive activities. Requires Flash plug-in.

Tobias Maze [ Profile ] - Guide Tobias through 12 different mazes.

Piranha Bazoo [ Profile ] - Guide a fish through an underwater maze. Includes a story, music, links, and a place to make comments.

Kwala's Pinata Maze [ Profile ] - Help Kwala find the pinata so that she can get the candy.

DiscoverySchool's PuzzleMaker [ Profile ] - Offers puzzles, word search games, and educational games. Build your own puzzles or solve ready-made ones.

Joe the Dragon's Lair [ Profile ] - Travel virtually to the educational games and puzzles in Joe's lair. Includes math quizzes and word puzzles. Some content requires Flash plug-in.

Whither thy ball? [ Profile ] - A ball is placed under one of three hats, before they shuffle around. The player must then click on the hat which is hiding the ball.

Kid's Corner [ Profile ] - A place for kids to hang out, play games, talk to other kids and get your stuff published.

Scrambler Puzzle [ Profile ] - Rearrange puzzle pieces to make a picture. [Java required]

Cave Monster [ Profile ] - Guide the hero towards the golden door by navigating a 2D maze.
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Startdl Puzzles - Contains word and number games, logic puzzles, and anagrams. Includes a section just for kids.