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HTMLgear [ Profile ] - Free add-ons for your website, guest books, polls and other scripts.

Learning HTML for Kids [ Profile ] - Learn basic HTML, editing, tags, text formatting, graphics, tabels, links.

Corinda State High School Computer Club [ Profile ] - Provides HTML help, with a guide for color schemes.

HTML 4 Kids [ Profile ] - Includes HTML help, and sections for presentations and practice.

Model Web Page [ Profile ] - Contains one lesson on very basic HTML tags, history of the internet, and resource links.

The Neopets HTML Guide [ Profile ] - Explains the basics of text, colors, adding images, links, and tables.

Writing HTML [ Profile ] - Goes through every HTML tag, explains things about it, and it makes you create a sample website.

Lissa Explains it All [ Profile ] - A website that explains HTML so that anyone and everyone can understand it.

Create It - 101 - Basic HTML [ Profile ] - Covers how to create a webpage, add text, images, backgrounds, and other style features. Includes color chart, graphics, tag reference, term glossary and help forum.

HTML Help For Kids [ Profile ] - Learn the basics of HTML.

D Cinc [ Profile ] - HTML tutorials, PS tutorials, layouts, graphics, a blog, hosting, and Neopets.

Kidspace - Learning HTML [ Profile ] - Information on making simple webpages, basic tags, fonts, graphics, links, and background tags.

Introduction to HTML [ Profile ] - Provides lessons on basic HTML.

HTML Welcome [ Profile ] - Contains the basic HTML language.

HTML Collection [ Profile ] - Basic explanation of HTML and HTML tags.

How To Create A Web Page [ Profile ] - Covers text, linking, graphics, forms, frames, java, and troubleshooting.

HTML Tutorials [ Profile ] - Information on basic and advanced formatting from the UK Writing Program at the University of Kentucky.

Colorful Stuff for your Website [ Profile ] - HTML basics and tutorial including tables, color, frames, and colored scrollbars.

An HTML Tutorial [ Profile ] - A tutorial in web page design for computer-illiterate kids.

Web Publishing Tips [ Profile ] - Tips and guides on building web sites and placing them on the Internet.

html4kids [ Profile ] - Interactive Web Design tool for kids and educators. Registration required.

The Isle Of HTML [ Profile ] - Provides a game that walks through the basics of web page design.

Webmonkey For Kids [ Profile ] - Contains lessons on building a web site's writing codes and creating pictures.
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Introduction to HTML - Provides lessons on basic HTML.