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Looney Tunes Teach The Internet [ Profile ] - Learn Internet basics and get inside tips from your favorite Looney Tunes characters.

Winners on Wheels - Internet 101 [ Profile ] - An introduction to the Internet and how to get started on the Web.

Welcome to the Web [ Profile ] - Learn about the Internet, guestbooks, Web browsers, searching, and researching.

RobertNiles.com - Finding Data on the Internet [ Profile ] - A list of websites to help find reference information online.

How to Bookmark a Page [ Profile ] - Bookmarking web pages using either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

SOFWeb - Using the Internet [ Profile ] - A tutorial of the Internet. Lessons include getting connected, exploring the Web, e-mail, chat, downloading files, researching, and netiquette.

Yahooligans! Glossary [ Profile ] - Offers a glossary of Internet terms.

The HelpWeb [ Profile ] - A guide to getting started on the Internet. Includes sections on each portion of Internet use, including e-mail and FTP.

CenterSpan Internet Tutorial [ Profile ] - Provides the history of the internet, and includes a quiz.

The Pandia Goalgetter [ Profile ] - Search engine tutorial covering Boolean operators, directories, metasearch engines, error codes, and menu based searches.

Learn the Net [ Profile ] - Tutorials on surfing the Internet, e-mail, finding information, and online safety.

ThinkQuest [ Profile ] - An annual international website competition for students 9-19 years old.

Lollipop Cards [ Profile ] - Selection of animated email greeting cards.

Internet Basics Bee [ Profile ] - Lessons on surfing the Internet. Includes terms, techniques, and troubleshooting.

Quest Internet 101 [ Profile ] - Covers web basics, search engines, newsgroups, email, and netiquette.

Yenza: Learn to Use the Internet [ Profile ] - Shows how to use the Internet for research. Explains the difference between search engines and directories and outlines search strategies.

WWW CyberGuide Ratings for Content Evaluation [ Profile ] - A form that can be printed and used to evaluate websites.

WebWizard Internet Guide [ Profile ] - Information about the Internet including its history, email, browsers, and searching.

Webmonkey Guides [ Profile ] - Covers Internet basics and offers resources on how to utilize the Web.

ClassZone - Web Research Guide [ Profile ] - Quizzes that cover Internet basics and a guide on doing research on the web.

Internet Island [ Profile ] - How to navigate the Internet, tools to understand browsers, and instructions on changing your home page.

Widener University: Evaluate Web Pages [ Profile ] - How to evaluate different types of web pages. Includes questions and criteria lists. Lists 5 main criteria to use for all web pages.
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Kid Safety on the Internet - Professor Pixel gives tips to kids on "how to be net-safe."