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Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 [ Profile ] - Lessons covering input, processing, output, storage, word processors, spreadsheets, and the web.

Teach Me Computers [ Profile ] - Includes lessons on computer types, input/output devices, storage, applications, and operating systems. Also explains how to avoid computer-related health problems.

Mrs. Cannons Computer Lab [ Profile ] - Teaches elementary students about computer tasks including saving, email, computer decorating and the internet.

Computers Simplified [ Profile ] - A graphical and interactive guide that covers the components of a computer.

Wikibooks - Computers for Beginners [ Profile ] - A wiki book that covers the basics of buying a computer, security, office programs, the internet, multimedia, and networking.

Basic Tutorial to Computers and the Internet [ Profile ] - A tutorial that covers hardware, operating systems, applications, and browsers. Contains links to other references for further reading.

Wikipedia - Computers [ Profile ] - Covers the history of computers and how they operate.

Open Site - Computers [ Profile ] - Defines a variety of terms related to computers.

Computers Can Be a Real Pain [ Profile ] - Explains how to sit properly, type on a keyboard, and use a mouse correctly while working on a computer. Learn how to take breaks that are recommended by doctors.

How Computers Work [ Profile ] - A guide that explains how a computer operates. Includes hardware, software, printing, the internet, and a glossary of computer terms.

Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon [ Profile ] - A graphical timeline that shows how computers have evolved. Subjects include the abacus, vacuum tubes, transistors and microprocessors.

How Stuff Works: Computers [ Profile ] - Contains a variety of information about hardware, the internet, peripherals, security, and software.

Basic Guide to Computers [ Profile ] - A graphical guide that teaches computer basics, word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, networking, and the internet.

Computer and Internet Tutorials [ Profile ] - Provides tutorials that include information on hardware, software, browsers, and search engines.

Maharishi University of Management: Computer Help Desk [ Profile ] - Contains a variety of tutorials for beginners to computers. Also provides troubleshooting guides that explain how to fix common computer errors.

The Computer Technology Documentation Project [ Profile ] - Contains a variety of guides on networking, security, hardware, operating systems, and programming languages.

The Brain vs. The Computer [ Profile ] - Compares the similarities and differences between a human brain and a computer.

Teach ICT for Students [ Profile ] - Contains lessons, games, worksheets, and tests for hardware and software topics.

Computer Connections [ Profile ] - Contains lessons on hardware, software, and computer safety. Includes printable worksheets.

Click-N-Learn [ Profile ] - A graphical and interactive tool to learn about the components of a computer. Contains a novice, junior, and master level guide.

TekMom's Technology Buzzwords for Students [ Profile ] - Contains definitions, puzzles, and games for a common list of computer terms.

The Museum of Modern Technology [ Profile ] - A flash-based tutorial that covers operating systems, email, the web, and networks. Includes a quiz at the end of each lesson.
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Typing Exercise - Offers useful practice in typing. Has the possibility to change collections of letters or short words, alter each letter's font, length, and color.